‘Fantasy’ getaway is Montana’s 'Hobbit House'

A 1,000-square-foot guesthouse in Montana is a Tolkien-lover’s dream.

Built into the side of a hill, the appropriately named “Hobbit House of Montana” stands among tiny fairy houses and a four-foot troll house in the brought-to-life “Shire.” (Yes, “Shire” with a capital “S.”)

Hairy slippers — to give you Hobbit-like feet — and Gandalf’s hat await guests inside the charming cottage. A gold ring hangs from a rafter.

For $245US a night, guests can live like Bilbo Baggins:

Owners Steve and Christine Michaels live across the street from the Hobbit House that cost them $410,000 to build and furnish.

“This started out as a simple guesthouse, then my contractor’s son said, ‘Oh, it looks like a hobbit house.’ Then my imagination went wild. We read the book and watched the movies, and then we had to have a hobbit house, we had to have a troll house, we had to have the mushrooms. It’s all custom. I’ve got real rich taste,” Steve told The New York Times.

While the Hobbit House directly references J. R. Tolkien’s world, it also accommodates 21st-century guests, offering modern luxuries like “a crafted king-size bedroom, HD-Blu-Ray colour TV, three phones and Wi-Fi, XM Radio and a designer’s kitchen.”

Road trip to Montana, anyone?

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