Trend to Try: The Lob Haircut

Trend to Try: The Lob HaircutTrend to Try: The Lob HaircutYes, it’s a bold statement, and for some people, trying out a new hairstyle is a bold move. However the Lob, or long bob, is a fantastic all-around haircut for any face shape or hair type. Located just above your shoulders, it is age-defying, elegant and trendy. Related: 3 Tips for Modern Pixies The sheer variety of Lobs is what makes this cut so popular. Cut it at one length, layered, with bangs or highlights. It can be sleek and shiny, punky, curly–whatever you fancy. Your hair is at just the right length for most styles (whether they be chic updos or that 50s pin-up style you’ve always coveted). Related: Celebrity Inspiration for Growing Out Short Hair Celebrities like Jessica Alba, Zoe Saldana, and Heidi Klum have recently jumped on the Lob train, showing that this versatile style is flexible enough for new moms, red-carpet hair masterpieces, or the high fashion runway. Fall is the season of change, so why not adjust that style you’ve had for years, and boost your confidence by trying out the Lob? Written by Erin Richardson