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Would you let your child fly unaccompanied seated next to…a man? If that sentence left you scratching your head, you're not the only one.

  • I was perusing Facebook the other day and up popped this photo with the caption “Look what I just found in Orion's backpack. I have no words.” It was posted by a friend whose 5-year-old son is in kindergarten. For those of you not familiar with the LMFAO song (or the way little kids spell), it says, “My sister is sexy and she knows it.” I laughed out loud — one of those cringe-y, I’ve-so-been-there but I’m-glad-this-is-not-me laughs. And then I liked it. The comment section lit up with smiley face emojis and “you should frame this!” declarations. My friend’s husband (jokingly) added: “The one I found says, ‘I got pashun in my pants and I ayntt afrayed to show it.’” Clearly, they’re laughing about it, which is exactly what my husband and I would do. But there is an underlying issue here that plagues my family as well: The radio is a minefield of inappropriateness and when you like listening to music (or frequent places where music is played, like, I don’t know, Earth), it can be hard to

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  • Why I Won't Be Following This Easter Egg Hunt Trend

    Photo: PinterestIt’s Easter week, which means there’s been lots of chocolate-bunny-themed posts popping up in my Facebook feed. I love hearing how friends went on Cadbury egg benders and seeing the cute Easter bonnet shots (and the hilariously creepy Easter bunny shots). But one post made me do a double take: Color-coded egg hunts. As in, each kid gets assigned a certain color egg and is only allowed to collect those pre-designated eggs. At first the OCD-er in me was drawn to the pretty picture with all the order. The buckets match the eggs! I almost hit "like" but then I realized how much I dislike the idea. The post I read touted it as a way to “keep it all fair.” For real? This is so not for me. Here’s why:

    For one, this level of organization just adds more work and feels like part of the Pinterest, whatever-you're-doing-now-is-not-good-enough campaign to stress me out. Can’t we just scatter a bunch of eggs in the backyard and let the children loose? You have to tell kids who just sat still(ish)

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