Sexy summer hair guide: Eight ways to get a celeb-gorgeous mane

Kate Hudson; Photo credit: Carlos Diaz/Infgoff.comSay goodbye to limp locks, dull colour and frustrating frizz. Our experts share how you can get a celeb-gorgeous mane in minutes.

Hair rehab

Between blowouts, flat irons and colouring, damage may seem inevitable. Here are five simple ways to show your hair some love.

1. Avoid chemicals: Give your hair a break from chemical treatments and stay away from its worst enemy: peroxide.

2. Nourish it:
If your hair is really damaged, use conditioner, then shampoo, then conditioner.

3. Be gentle: Use a wide-tooth comb: Remember your hair is very fragile when wet.

4. Seal and protect: Always, always, always use a heat-styling product before picking up the blow-dryer.

5. Wear a hat: Sun is as bad for your hair as it is for your skin, so cover it up.

Beachy waves

Q. "Kate Hudson's hair always looks so perfect. How do I master her laid-back locks?"

Skip the styling tools, says hair legend Marc Anthony. Using your fingers, apply a wave lotion to wet hair. And don't touch that comb! "The less you fuss, the less frizz there will be, so move your hands down the hair shaft instead of up and scrunch your locks to work up the wave," says Anthony. Once your hair is nearly dry, spritz on light texturing spray for extra hold.

Wavy hair secret weapon: Marc Anthony Dream Waves Amplifying Lotion, $10

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Volume boost

Q: "Conditioner makes my fine hair look flat. What's a girl to do?"

"A lightweight formula is best for thinner hair," says Tresemmé stylist Susana Hong. And it's important to avoid buildup, which can make fine locks look greasy. A great way to stop your tresses from being weighed down by product is to apply conditioner only from about midway through your hair, and then work it down toward the end, says Hong.

Fine hair secret weapon: Tresemmé Naturals Radiant Volume Conditioner, $6

Lasting colour

Q: "I dye my hair, but it fades so quickly! How can I make it salon vivid again?"

Use a colour-preserving shampoo and conditioner every time you wash your hair to fight fading. "There are amazing products out there that are free of harsh, stripping detergents. They maximize colour vibrancy and protect your hair from the sun's damaging rays," says Marilyn Rose, a Redken stylist. And if you're looking to add extra shine, a nourishing serum is the perfect solution.

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Age eraser

Q: "How should I part my hair to erase the years?"

"There's something so youthful and easy about a side-swept fringe, no matter how old you are," says celebrity stylist Mark Townsend. "A side part is always softer and less severe than a middle one." If you want to change your look, loosely secure a side part with bobby pins. "Spray the pins with a starch-based dry shampoo," says Townsend. "The starch attaches to the metal and creates friction and hold."

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Soft Curls

Q: "When I use product my curly hair looks good — but it feels crunchy. Help!"

Girls with curls are lucky, says celebrity stylist Sally Hershberger; it's pretty easy to style hair that is naturally wavy. For smooth curls, trade in the old alcohol-based mousses for new nourishing curl-enhancing creams. "Rake several pumps of product through damp hair with your fingers and let it dry naturally," says Hershberger. "If you have extra time, wrap small sections of hair around your finger and pin them up for a few minutes to help shape the natural curl."

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Q: How can I speed up my blow-dry?"

"Buy a professional blow-dryer," says Pantene stylist Justin German. "They get hotter and have a strong air flow." Other important tools are a round natural-boar-bristle brush and some clips to section off your hair. To pick up the pace, towel dry before your start with the blow-dryer. Then section off your hair with clips — smaller sections will dry faster. "After you dry each section, bring the next one down. Keep the blow-dryer and brush moving in a downward direction, to avoid frizzy fly-aways."

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Q: "My dry hair goes crazy in humid weather. How can I control frizz?"

Heat, humidity and harsh treatments can all dry out hair cuticles, which leads to frizz. Start with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. "Smoothing, strengthening ingredients like argan oil and coconut extract will fill and seal the cuticles and lock moisture in," says Nexxus stylist Tony Masciangelo. "If humidity can't penetrate the hair shaft, it will bounce right off instead." And here's a trick to avoid damage: Gently detangle hair with a wide-tooth comb before you rinse off conditioner and use a post-styling serum to boost shine.

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Long locks

Q: "I'm in love with Kate Middleton's hair! How do I get that bouncy, full texture?"

This popular do is within reach, says L'Oréal stylist Eric Del Monaco, as long as you work with volumizing products formulated to add body. "Spray damp hair with a boosting product, then flip your head over and blow-dry upside down. Use your fingers to lift at the roots and encourage more volume." Once it's dry, flip back over and curl big sections with a large-barrelled iron, starting halfway down your hair. Use your fingers to separate and gently loosen the curls a bit for a soft, sexy wave.

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