Pure+Simple’s New Organic Lavender Baby Line

Pure+Simple’s New Organic Lavender Baby LinePure+Simple’s New Organic Lavender Baby LineAre you the type to pick baby shampoo over the usual salon stuff? With so many great sensitive skin and natural beauty lines on the market, it’s really not necessary to stick to baby-friendly lotions anymore, but there’s just something about a gently-scented soap or body oil that can make you feel oh-so-delicate and down-to-earth. Related: J.Lo Reveals Naturally Curly Hair Welcome natural skincare company Pure+Simple’s Organic Lavender baby line. Perfect for your little one, the collection’s scent is more earthy than perfume-y and while it may not be manly exactly, it would be just as charming on a baby boy as a baby girl—or of course on a grown woman, if you’re so inclined. Related: 6 Products You Don’t Use But Should The collection consists of a shea butter and olive oil baby lotion, a talc-free baby powder with soothing chamomile, a jojoba and lavender baby oil and a two-in-one body wash and shampoo with calming oat protein amino acids. Related: Exfoliating Face Powder Prices range from $15 to $17 or you can get the full set for $50.