Lacquerous: Is Nail Polish Sharing In Your Future?

Lacquerous: Is Nail Polish Sharing In Your Future?Lacquerous: Is Nail Polish Sharing In Your Future?Object sharing is a widespread and ingenious concept–you can share your dog, your car, your movies and now, your nail polish. A brand new company called Lacquerous began beta testing their nail polish sharing scheme last week, with the idea that the price of designer lacquer is too high for just one person’s use.

Related: The Jewel Tone Manicure Lacquerous costs a mere $18 a month and allows subscribers to borrow three designer polishes for a period of 30 days, then send them back and receive a new trio a few days later. As with sharing any personal product, there’s always the issue of hygiene. The company says they work on the honour system as far as sanitation goes but is that enough? Is designer polish worth the risk of infection?  Some people would say names like Chanel and Dior definitely worth taking a chance.

Related: The Advent Calendar of Nail Polish The concept of sharing polish is intriguing, but since the company hasn’t expanded to Canada yet, we still have time to decide:  Is polish sharing revolting or revolutionary?

Written by Erin Richardson