How to Master the Bombshell Blowout

Use these easy steps to get Kate Middleton's hair.Use these easy steps to get Kate Middleton's hair.The salon isn't the only place where you can get a star-worthy blowout. Make it happen at home by following these steps.

1. We love Kate Middleton's high-style, low-fuss look. Celeb hairstylist Guido recommends you prep first by rubbing a thickening lotion, like Redken Fabricate 3 Heat Active Texturizer, $16,, through damp strands. It will give extra grip to your brush so you can create a smooth finish.

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2. Always work from the bottom layers up when blow-drying your mane - pinning the top portion out of your way helps you better see what you're doing.

3. Using a medium-size round brush, grab hair at the roots and run the brush down strands, moving the blow-dryer over the brush as you go. Make sure you point the nozzle down; this flattens the cuticle to prevent frizz and keep hair looking shiny. Do this until your mane is dry.

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4. Next, mist on a thermal-straightening spray like Dove Damage Therapy Heat Defense Protect and Shine Mist, $12.99,

5. Glide a flatiron over strands-the straightening spray is heat activated, so it will help smooth flyaways and seal in silkiness. Stop a few inches before the tips so you get a slightly tousled effect there.

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6. Rake a tiny drop of shine serum through ends with your fingers for a superglossy movie-star finish.

7. Trying to draw out the life of your blowout? Once your hair starts to get a little oily (a day or two later), spritz dry shampoo or sprinkle baby powder, like Johnson and Johnson's Baby Powder, onto your hands and gently massage your scalp to soak up oil. This will extend your blowout a day or two.

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