Virgo Horoscope

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8/23 - 9/22

2014: Virgo Overview


This is the year for vacation and retreat, Virgo! You're known as the proverbial workaholic, but this year you're about to totally transform your image. If ever there was a time to learn how to kick back and relax, it's now. Although the first half of 2014 will continue with the crazy social frenzy that began in 2013, by summer you'll be ready to enter a phase of serious seclusion. Too much socializing proves to be incredibly taxing on your nerves, Virgo. You're more sensitive than most, and it's hard for you not to feel the pressure of wanting to help, nurture and support all those who come to you for your brilliant guidance.

The total mental makeover that began in late 2012 is really taking root. Your thinking and communication skills are sharper than ever. You've also had to work hard at uprooting any self-defeating thought patterns, and that transformation is starting to pay off as you discover the power of controlling your own mind. Chances are you've figured out how important it is to clear you mind if only by exercising or taking a long walk once a day. Too much mental activity is purely exhausting for you, and you've had to learn how to turn off your thinking in order to find respite and rejuvenation. That has been the art that Saturn in your house of thinking has taught you over the past year.

Money and debt become key themes for you in 2014 as the Nodes of Fate move into the financial zones. You're finally fed up with rollercoaster spending sprees, and feel committed to working towards more balance and intention with both earning and spending. You'll suddenly find that your determination to keep a balanced budget takes precedence over almost anything else in your world. When your finances are settled, your mind becomes calm and your creativity soars. It's worth the extra effort and small sacrifices in order to achieve your goals. You'll love how your money picture looks a year from now, Virgo.

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There are many disparate facets of your life coming together now, and you would be wise to connect the dots between the apparent coincidences. You have a chance to create a special kind of magic simply by focusing on the relationship between separate events. Analytical Mercury is busy filling your head with one idea after another today. But rather than trying to rationally explain every thought, just find a way to weave the strands into a single tapestry. A picture is worth a thousand words. Get Your Complete Cosmic Profile


Weekly Travel

A great idea in the making has humble beginnings, so go ahead and listen to that nutty tour guide, eccentric uncle who's 'been everywhere' or your spacey best friend. They might have just the tip that makes your trip unforgettable in the best sense of the word. By Wednesday, you'll be glad you listened to their advice and on Thursday and Friday you'll see just how to nurture the seeds of this into fruition. Take the weekend to indulge yourself and your senses -- go to an arts and crafts fair; make sure to eat some great food.


Weekly Flirt

You know exactly what you're doing and what you need to get there on Monday and Tuesday, so if someone asks for something that you can't spare, you know to say no. When there isn't much to go around, people get snippy, but your high spirits have a way of melting people's grumpiness. Wednesday and Thursday you're testing your compatibility with you-know-who by taking them somewhere neither of you have been -- a restaurant, another town -- and seeing how it goes. Friday and Saturday, pay extra attention to the way you communicate. On Sunday, see friends.