Virgo: Love & Relationships

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8/23 - 9/22

2014: Virgo Love


Your love life has been undergoing a total transformation that began in 2008, and you're not even halfway to the finish mark. This said, expect another layer of profound life lessons and experience in the love department this year. Regardless of your current relationship status, you're sure to be heavily involved at some point with either your current partner or someone brand new that rocks your world.

Love is a constant journey into your own psyche and shadow, which may be why part of you wishes you could just run away and be a hermit in the woods at times. With the North Node of Fate moving into the sign of partnership early in the year, the emphasis is on partnering. You value deep connection with another and will find it incredibly satisfying to partner up with someone who feels more like your equal. Relationships are grounding for you, especially those that allow you your own space to roam and heal and explore. This is the year where you may be more willing to sacrifice your need for a lot of alone time in order to receive the gift of consistent companionship.

Saturn continues to teach deep lessons on sexuality and intimacy in 2014. This is the last year that the cosmic taskmaster will be inhabiting the sign of Scorpio, so take full advantage of this sexy and deeply transformative time, Virgo. You're learning how important communication is in relationships. If you don't first meet in the mind, it's very hard for you to feel a deep connection. You adore a partner with genius potential. Dimwits need not apply. You've learned over the past year plus how you simply cannot compromise on your strong desire for mental compatibility no matter how beautiful the person is otherwise. It's actually become a dealbreaker for you as you find yourself way too turned off and frustrated when you cannot have a meaningful conversation. Finally, Saturn in Scorpio has taught you how important it is to devote yourself wholeheartedly to the one you love. Once committed, you've learned that staying-the-course is the only way to a deep and fulfilling partnership. No more wavering or second-guessing, Virgo.

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You could be in the zone, mentally, today. You may have experienced some highs and lows in your social life recently. You may feel on top of the world. Take on difficult emotional issues in your life while you have this beacon of mental clarity.
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A miscommunication could lead to trouble for your baby today. Someone might have said 'cutie' while another one heard 'cootie' -- and it was all downhill from there. With your quick reasoning, you'll get to the bottom of it in no time.



You need to go over the little details of today's work or school problems. There's a lot to learn buried in there, and you should find that you understand it all a lot better by the time you're done.



How you start your day could determine its outcome. Dash out of the house on an empty stomach and your day will be disjointed and discombobulated. Eat something, even something as simple as a bowl of bran flakes and orange slices, and at the very least you'll remember how to get to work.



Don't be too specific with your beauty requests. If you just give your stylist a general sense of the color you want or mention an outfit idea to a salesperson, you'll benefit more from their professional creativity.


Daily Home and Garden Scope

Today could be a good day or a bad day, depending on how you roll out of bed. Take a moment after waking to meditate on your plans for the day. Stay focused yet flexible, knowing that you might be able to go to the plant nursery, but won't necessarily be able to pot the plants.


Daily Green Scope

Progress not perfection -- say it again and again. Your word is all you have, so use it wisely. Don't promise things you can't make good on. Being the victim is comforting sometimes, but totally pointless. The next time you face a problem, look for the solutions and follow a course of action. Retreating will only prolong the pain.


Daily Gay Scope

You're day could be happy and carefree, like an episode of 'Leave It To Beaver', or dark and mysterious, like 'The Twilight Zone'. You'd prefer it to be like something from 'Dynasty': Lots and lots of bitchy, campy, overly dramatic fun.


Daily Lesbian Scope

No one else but you can make a decision. In fact, leaving it up to her would be your own decision -- one that only gives you a lame excuse if it doesn't work out. Take control of your life.


Weekly Travel

You're digging into your destination at the week's outset, applying your methodical research skills to find the most authentic experiences and leave the cookie-cutter stuff to tourists. Your cultural sensitivity serves you well when you're communicating between Wednesday and Friday, letting you avoid misunderstandings and snafus that less aware people would be subject to. If you're traveling solo, join a group or a class this weekend to get some social interaction, or make contact with those back home to shore up your spirits.


Weekly Flirt

Choose your every word with care on Monday and Tuesday -- and maybe on Wednesday, too, just to play it safe. People will appear to go out of their way to misunderstand you. All that will start to shake out by Wednesday afternoon or evening. Toward the end of the week, you ought to find yourself totally energized by a party or conversation. Stay flexible with your friends and your dates throughout the weekend, because plans will change over and over despite your best efforts to keep your people on track. Just go with it!



Your big brain is popping out with great ideas -- and you're not the only one. It's a really good day for you to mix it up with others, as you should be thinking quickly on all four feet.



It's hard to be careful communicating when you have only one means at your disposal. But actually, you can get your message across in many more ways than one. Consider barking only your first option.