Virgo: Love & Relationships

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8/23 - 9/22

2014: Virgo Love


Your love life has been undergoing a total transformation that began in 2008, and you're not even halfway to the finish mark. This said, expect another layer of profound life lessons and experience in the love department this year. Regardless of your current relationship status, you're sure to be heavily involved at some point with either your current partner or someone brand new that rocks your world.

Love is a constant journey into your own psyche and shadow, which may be why part of you wishes you could just run away and be a hermit in the woods at times. With the North Node of Fate moving into the sign of partnership early in the year, the emphasis is on partnering. You value deep connection with another and will find it incredibly satisfying to partner up with someone who feels more like your equal. Relationships are grounding for you, especially those that allow you your own space to roam and heal and explore. This is the year where you may be more willing to sacrifice your need for a lot of alone time in order to receive the gift of consistent companionship.

Saturn continues to teach deep lessons on sexuality and intimacy in 2014. This is the last year that the cosmic taskmaster will be inhabiting the sign of Scorpio, so take full advantage of this sexy and deeply transformative time, Virgo. You're learning how important communication is in relationships. If you don't first meet in the mind, it's very hard for you to feel a deep connection. You adore a partner with genius potential. Dimwits need not apply. You've learned over the past year plus how you simply cannot compromise on your strong desire for mental compatibility no matter how beautiful the person is otherwise. It's actually become a dealbreaker for you as you find yourself way too turned off and frustrated when you cannot have a meaningful conversation. Finally, Saturn in Scorpio has taught you how important it is to devote yourself wholeheartedly to the one you love. Once committed, you've learned that staying-the-course is the only way to a deep and fulfilling partnership. No more wavering or second-guessing, Virgo.

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Daily Overview

With everything happening so fast today, you may feel like you're running just to keep up. If you're noticing a lot of small misunderstandings with other people, it might be best to take a step back from the situation and deal with it another day, when your mind isn't clouded with so many thoughts.
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You're an early bird today, and not just because your little chick woke you at the crack of dawn. A new project is ready to go, and you know that getting a jump on it will put you that much further ahead. Up and at 'em!



A new achievement opens up new doors -- and you should find that your energy level increases as you progress through the day. It's almost certain that you end up better off than you were this morning.



The devil will be in the details today, and they could make your life hellish. You may doubt the true fiery potential of a plate of Sichuan beef and garlic noodles, and you'll heap on more hot sauce. But there may have been more than enough heat in its original form, and all the Pepto Bismol in the world won't put out that flame.



Err on the side of caution. There's no harm in leaving your toes under the dryer for a few extra minutes after your pedicure -- and throwing thread, superglue and a nail file in your bag just makes good sense!


Daily Home and Garden Scope

The orange flesh of cantaloupes is a fresh, luscious treat, and your honeybush has just produced the first of its huge melons. You are not obligated to share it with anyone. Sure, sharing is the nice thing to do, but you also deserve a treat once in a while.


Daily Green Scope

Bad situation; excellent opportunity. It's unlikely, but if the economy pulls the rug out from under you, consider it a blessing. You've wanted to change careers, and now's your chance. Before you dive in head first, do a little legwork. Peruse industry-specific blogs, websites and publications -- get a feel for the trade. Learn the nuances straight from the horse's mouth. Don't be afraid to schedule information interviews -- and bring your resume. Perseverance is painful, but oh so rewarding.


Daily Gay Scope

You're proud of your many achievements, and your work ethic is legendary. Too bad you can't say the same about your personal life, where your best achievements can be counted on your right hand. Transfer some of the energy you put into work into your love life today. You may find the results surprising, and that hand could be put to good use doing other things.


Daily Lesbian Scope

It only seems like a good idea, but if you scratch the surface just a little, you'll find this plan is riddled with holes. Look over all the fine print -- make sure the details are sewn up before you proceed.


Weekly Travel

Stay low-key at the week's outset; ostentation isn't conducive to getting to know your destination. Consult a guidebook or concierge to make sure you're tipping appropriately, and keep your fancy camera out of plain sight. Thursday and Friday are perfect for well-planned day trips, or for moving smoothly to the next stop on your itinerary. This weekend, though, you may be visited by traveler's indecision. So much to do, so little time -- how will you figure out what's unmissable? Ask a few different people (locals, other travelers) and cross-reference the lists.


Weekly Flirt

People will be hard to take early in the week, though if you just take it down low, you'll be able to avoid most of their demands. If worst comes to worst, just stop taking everyone so seriously, and you'll coast into the middle of the week easily. It should be a particularly smooth couple of days, with everything going exactly according to plan and no weird surprises or outbursts. Even cleaning house will be simple, so you won't have to stare at filth all weekend. By Sunday you might find yourself in the middle of a deep conversation with someone you never expected to hear from again.



Try not to fight back too hard when people start petting on you or talking down to you -- they think that's what you want to hear. You may not be able to talk back, but you can let them know what you really want gently.



Just as your owner gets a grip on things, they make no sense to you. That's what happens every cleaning day. Your organizational sensibilities will be out of whack until the dust settles.