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10/23 - 11/21
Today 27 February, 2015  

Daily Overview

You're having a hard time with risk today -- so much so that you may have to just walk away from what had once promised to be a lucrative situation. Things are looking up for sure!

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Daily Overview

You might want to take a quiet ride into the countryside for a chance to stop and be in nature, taking time for reflection. On your way home, you may want to participate in one of your favorite pastimes, shopping for clothes. The more compatible your partner, the more satisfying will be your love life. If not compatible, try to be more subtle and persuasiveness to get your way.
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You and your other half really should sit down to balance the joint account. Not only is it always good policy to know where you stand, but today you may find you're on more solid footing than you thought.



You're having a hard time with risk today -- so much so that you may have to just walk away from what had once promised to be a lucrative situation. Things are looking up for sure!



Don't be tempted to gamble with anything today. This will include money, romance or dining at a restaurant called Super Colossal Sashimi God, or any other place that offers half price specials on two-day old sushi. Yuck, yuck, yuck.



A world of discounts is out there just waiting for a savvy girl like you. Does your nail salon offer a special weeknight rate? Could you save on that top if you ordered it online? Do some investigating.


Daily Home and Garden Scope

Before you spray down your kitchen counter with the new cleaner that you bought, take a look at the label and make sure it's not full of harmful chemicals. Though you certainly want your counter clean, there are some things you'd be better off not ingesting.


Daily Green Scope

It's one thing to handle outdoor maintenance yourself, but when it comes to the tough stuff, call in the professionals, especially if you detect a sick tree. Check for rotten wood, weird cavities, pest damage, a cracked or split trunk, odd-colored or prematurely fallen leaves, and root damage. An ailing tree could cause tremendous damage during rough weather -- the last thing you need is a huge evergreen splayed out on your home, your car, or a person.


Daily Gay Scope

Consider the deeper consequences of things today, especially in business. Treat today like a game of chess, as each move you make sets up future moves. Analyzing all scenarios before progressing beats going by your gut today.


Daily Lesbian Scope

You can have a good time and still take care of those nagging errands. Two things would be a big help: bringing a friend along and setting up some sort of treat for both of you after your finished your to-do list.


Weekly Travel

Haste may make waste for others, but at the beginning of this week, it'll get you where you want to go. Act on that impulse and take a leap forward in your itinerary -- or experience the excitement of abandoning it altogether. By Wednesday, though, you'll want to do things by the book -- a good guidebook, that is. Taking risks with your precious time is inadvisable until late in the day Friday, when you can cut loose for the weekend. At that time, getting into a lively conversation will suddenly seem far more interesting than seeing another tourist sight.


Weekly Flirt

Pass on the first big impulse that comes your way this week. You're not in a good place to take risks right now, so lie low and let the cuties come to you (and they will, if they know what's good for them). You'll have your mojo back and fully charged by Wednesday evening, when you should be able to make up for lost time, and then some. Use that big brain of yours to wow the hotties -- they won't see it coming until it hits them. Don't push yourself too hard over the weekend, however, or you'll end up getting stressed over nothing.



It's easy to be tricked today, so try to be wary of sweet offers like catnip or tuna oil -- they may presage a bath or even worse! You might still decide to put up with it just to show that you're tough.



You live with temptation -- it's always there. So when your humans start setting the table, why are they surprised that you set up camp? Be careful just how vigorously you beg today.

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