Sagittarius Horoscope

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11/22 - 12/21

2013: Sagittarius Overview


If there was ever a time in your life when you wished for a very extended vacation, it's 2013, Sag. The longing for a break from the rat race and constant hustle has never been so overwhelming. You started having fantasies of what it would be like to live your life totally surrounded by tranquility, nature or, better yet, 24-hour room service in a posh hotel. The idea of being taken care of is ridiculously enticing as Saturn and the North Node of the Moon take root in your retreat zone this year. If you can't totally break away from the responsibilities of life, at least plan to book as many moments in solitude as possible. You'll need regular getaways to cope.

Jupiter continues to bless your relationship and social sector this year until June. This brings wonderful luck and benefits through your close associations with others and will also bless partnerships. If you're in a long-term relationship you may experience incredible breakthroughs and wisdom during the first half of the year. If you're single, this could be an incredible opportunity to meet someone you can finally look up to. In any case, you'll not find yourself lonely or wanting for company under Jupiter's abundant influence in your partner zone.

The second half of the year brings tremendous resourcefulness as Jupiter moves into your sector of other peoples' money, sexuality and transformation. Change feels better than ever, so be willing to let go of all that no longer serves your highest. You're simply making way for the new. The more you let go, the more new channels of abundance can flow to you. The universe wants to help you, so don't be afraid to ask for what you need. You'll be utterly amazed at the earth angels that step forward to help you this year. You may come into some unexpected money through an inheritance or a gift before the end of 2013. This is an excellent year to get out of any lingering debt. You'll have the means to dig yourself out and make all-things financial right again.

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Daily Overview

Be doubly cautious against risks of infection and microbic or viral attacks. This astral climate will be favorable to political intrigues, commercial transactions and industrial performances. You'll be well decided to achieve your objectives in your professional as well as your personal life. However, you won't let yourself become totally occupied by the idea of success: You'll know how to take time to live, to enjoy yourself, to listen to the beats of your heart.
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Abracadabra! You have but to snap your fingers for fun and laughter to break out today. When the kids get together with friends at the playground, it's mostly about them. Still, there's nothing to stop you from having a ball, too!



Today brings news from someone you know, but not well. It may be that you're being approached about a job or that you need to get back in touch with a friend of a friend regarding something important.



Friends will ask you to help them with their romantic woes today, but you'll be too busy dealing with your own love life to accommodate them. Have everyone meet at your favorite Italian restaurant for pizza and beer instead. The resulting chat fest will be therapeutic for all, yourself included.



Get your evening revved up and ready to go with a little bit of romance. Don't rest until you've put together your sassiest outfit and styled your hair into sleek perfection -- oh and use glittery eye shadow in place of your usual muted hues.


Daily Home and Garden Scope

You may want to be alone today. You're in luck as today your imagination is active and agile. So, while you're enjoying the solitude be sure to get out your paints, photos, fabrics or scrapbook and while away the day creating wonderful new accessories, decorations or even gifts!


Daily Green Scope

Rally the troops -- everyone's drawn to your charisma right now, so channel that momentum in community-oriented activism. Create a neighborhood penny-pinchers pool. Need the services of an exterminator, painter or carpet cleaner? Why not go in as a group and ask for a discount? Chances are, the company will agree based on the volume business. And forming a once-a-week potluck is a great way to socialize, save time and money, and keep meals fresh and interesting.


Daily Gay Scope

You may have to be judge, jury and executioner today as friends ask you to intervene in a dispute. You don't like being in the middle, but you're just so wise! Weigh all arguments, and take a recess if you must, but don't use that as an opportunity to run far, far away. Resign yourself to the fact that someone is going to be upset by your decision. That's when it's time to run far, far away.


Daily Lesbian Scope

The beauty of stepping outside your comfort zone (i.e. hanging out with someone new) is learning something you never thought you would. You have the chance of making an amazing discovery if you talk to a stranger.


Weekly Travel

The travel energy's so good on Monday and Tuesday, you can pretty much just go with the flow, exploring whatever presents itself. But a little prep time also works wonders, so take a couple of minutes with a guidebook or someone in the know. Something may distract you from your trip on Wednesday or Thursday; figure out what and deal with it so you can tune back in to all that's vividly happening around you. Expect and embrace the unexpected this weekend; with your good karma and spirit of optimism, a delay or detour could turn into the best part of your journey.


Weekly Flirt

If you're part of a group early in the week, expect lots of fun and more than a few new connections. If you're on your own, try to at least share a space with smiling strangers. By Wednesday you'll start to turn inward and will no doubt slow down a bit -- but your pace has been so rapid lately that you'll still be moving forward. Friday brings some kind of recognition from the community (maybe just housemates, but maybe much broader) and a general feeling of goodwill that should last for a long while.



You may want to be alone today. You have big urges, but you feel moody and uncharacteristically shy. Take instruction from the elders in your clowder, if you are so lucky to have them. They will help you through this socially difficult process.



You can't add laughter, but you can add to the fun. You're loved by your owner's friends, and you enjoy groups. If you want to be included, make your wishes known.