Sagittarius Horoscope

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11/22 - 12/21

2013: Sagittarius Overview


If there was ever a time in your life when you wished for a very extended vacation, it's 2013, Sag. The longing for a break from the rat race and constant hustle has never been so overwhelming. You started having fantasies of what it would be like to live your life totally surrounded by tranquility, nature or, better yet, 24-hour room service in a posh hotel. The idea of being taken care of is ridiculously enticing as Saturn and the North Node of the Moon take root in your retreat zone this year. If you can't totally break away from the responsibilities of life, at least plan to book as many moments in solitude as possible. You'll need regular getaways to cope.

Jupiter continues to bless your relationship and social sector this year until June. This brings wonderful luck and benefits through your close associations with others and will also bless partnerships. If you're in a long-term relationship you may experience incredible breakthroughs and wisdom during the first half of the year. If you're single, this could be an incredible opportunity to meet someone you can finally look up to. In any case, you'll not find yourself lonely or wanting for company under Jupiter's abundant influence in your partner zone.

The second half of the year brings tremendous resourcefulness as Jupiter moves into your sector of other peoples' money, sexuality and transformation. Change feels better than ever, so be willing to let go of all that no longer serves your highest. You're simply making way for the new. The more you let go, the more new channels of abundance can flow to you. The universe wants to help you, so don't be afraid to ask for what you need. You'll be utterly amazed at the earth angels that step forward to help you this year. You may come into some unexpected money through an inheritance or a gift before the end of 2013. This is an excellent year to get out of any lingering debt. You'll have the means to dig yourself out and make all-things financial right again.

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Daily Overview

Support from your friends will be a great help for you. Traps will be numerous in your professional life; be on your guard. On the financial front, don't indulge in speculative operations, as the results could not be beneficial. Possibility of some weaknesses on the physical plane; you might especially be vulnerable to nervousness. Some emotional instability. You'll have to make important choices, but you'll tend to defer the deadline; however, things will slowly get settled by themselves.
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This is a wonderful day to hit the park or playground and strike up conversations with people. There are friends to be made among the other parents there. Encourage the tyke to make new acquaintances, too.



Now is a good time for you to speak up when strangers come calling. Your energy is good enough to make them feel at ease, and you are much likelier to make new friends or other connections.



You'll be better able to comprehend new ideas if you keep your mind open. This will especially be true when it comes to choosing a dinner spot. Filipino is not a cuisine that you're experienced in, so check it out tonight. It's deeply based in Spanish flavors, as you'll see with the spicy arroz valenciana.



Sometimes no matter how hard you try, an item of clothing is not meant to be. So stop thinking about another tailor who can make a certain dress go from A-line to a pencil silhouette -- put it in the donation pile instead.


Daily Home and Garden Scope

With family in town, you may want to resort to the same old activities that you normally do together. Do something a little different this time -- spend time at an open market sampling different varieties of olive oil, or plop down on a picnic blanket and mull over old times in the warmth of the sun.


Daily Green Scope

You can harness the power of solar energy without lots of expensive gadgetry -- at any time of year. Looking to upgrade your home at some point in the next year? Create a dark color scheme for the exterior (it'll absorb heat and transfer it to your interior living space). Look into dark roofing, too.


Daily Gay Scope

You'll be your own best PR guy today as you work the crowds like a pro. A smooth sense of confidence will have people eating out of your hand, expanding your network. Some of these professional connections could become social, although for you sometimes there's not a big difference.


Daily Lesbian Scope

You like to think of yourself as a leader, but you would be better off in a supporting role in a group project. Apply your talents to one specific thing if you want to find real success.


Weekly Travel

Serendipity's on your side of the road at the beginning of the week, and your high spirits and accepting attitude complete the picture. Engaging with the locals and fellow travelers is every bit as interesting as drinking in the sights. But you'll want to get practical around Thursday; travel smart and keep a close eye on your possessions. Someone 'inadvertently' jostling you could be a pickpocket. This weekend, games of all sorts, pleasure and even a little romance await you on your journey. It's marvelous to be you wherever you are.


Weekly Flirt

You're back on a money-saving kick early this week, though you might draw the line at dumpster diving. You might not blow away the sweeties with your bling, but you know you need the bucks for something else. By Wednesday you'll be so in touch with the people around you that it might get a little scary. After a couple of days, though, you will almost certainly need to retreat and think things through on your own.



Those victuals smell mighty delicious today -- that's because you have a special treat in your bowl. Wet food! Eat slowly and savor the bouquet of familiar fish aromas. What a lucky kitty!



You love meeting new humans, but you won't impress anyone with your communication skills today. Take a careful read of body language before planting wet kisses.