Pisces Horoscope

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2/19 - 3/20

2014: Pisces Overview


2014 is the year of major transformation and rebirth, Pisces. You're about to undertake such a massive personal renovation project that your inner world will never quite look or feel the same. Of course, this will in turn revolutionize your outer world in the most fantastic ways imaginable. The first half of the year continues to celebrate romance and pleasure in a big and fabulous fashion. The overwhelming abundance of love that started crashing into your dreamy world last summer will continue to flourish straight through July. It's not a question of falling madly in love -- it's a question of why it seems to be a daily occurrence. The spell won't be broken until summer, so enjoy this incredible fantasy. Once summer comes you may have to choose and commit.

This lovely Jupiter influence has also been spectacular for your creative life, and will continue to be for the first half of the year. Consider this your second (or third or fourth) childhood as you're being reminded how much fun it is to play!

Perhaps the best news is that your work is about to totally take off this summer, Pisces. If you've been in a bit of an uninspired slump, mope no more! Lucky and generous Jupiter will be moving into your work zone to bring you more work opportunities than you can possibly handle. You'll have to choose carefully, or you may not sleep until 2015. This is also the year to strive for more balance in all life arenas -- especially with money. You're over owing anyone anything, and this is the year to start putting your creative talents into wiping out as much debt as possible. You know how to manifest like nobody's business but often forget to put such magic into practice. Once you get a vision about something, it's only a matter of time before it becomes reality, Pisces.

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It appears as if the sky is clearing today, portending fair weather and smooth sailing ahead. Unfortunately, reality may fall short of your fantasies. Thankfully, you can create a perfect scenario within your imagination -- even if your dreams are totally unrealistic. However, it's wise to stick to your regular daily routine as much as possible now. You are in an excellent position to capitalize on your good fortune as long as you don't fall off the proverbial edge. Get Your Complete Cosmic Profile


Weekly Travel

Be a bit more aware and a bit more cautious at the beginning of the week. You're not on your home turf, but extra prudence turns luck in your favor, and looking closely means you see more in general. Between Wednesday and Friday, if the tour you've signed up for or agenda you've set isn't right on, don't hesitate to change it up. You may forfeit some cost, but you'll regain time to do whatever you desire. It's all hustle and bustle on the road this weekend; allow extra time and pack good cheer in spades.


Weekly Flirt

Early this week you may dwell a bit too much on all the stuff you do for friends, but try to let it slide as much as possible. They'll be there for you when you need them. Life gets fuzzy on Wednesday, but you're good with fuzzy, so expect to do quite well, especially where work or school are involved. That luck won't last through the weekend, though -- you may get called in to fill an empty shift or get some other semi-bad news from above.