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2/19 - 3/20

2014: Pisces Overview


2014 is the year of major transformation and rebirth, Pisces. You're about to undertake such a massive personal renovation project that your inner world will never quite look or feel the same. Of course, this will in turn revolutionize your outer world in the most fantastic ways imaginable. The first half of the year continues to celebrate romance and pleasure in a big and fabulous fashion. The overwhelming abundance of love that started crashing into your dreamy world last summer will continue to flourish straight through July. It's not a question of falling madly in love -- it's a question of why it seems to be a daily occurrence. The spell won't be broken until summer, so enjoy this incredible fantasy. Once summer comes you may have to choose and commit.

This lovely Jupiter influence has also been spectacular for your creative life, and will continue to be for the first half of the year. Consider this your second (or third or fourth) childhood as you're being reminded how much fun it is to play!

Perhaps the best news is that your work is about to totally take off this summer, Pisces. If you've been in a bit of an uninspired slump, mope no more! Lucky and generous Jupiter will be moving into your work zone to bring you more work opportunities than you can possibly handle. You'll have to choose carefully, or you may not sleep until 2015. This is also the year to strive for more balance in all life arenas -- especially with money. You're over owing anyone anything, and this is the year to start putting your creative talents into wiping out as much debt as possible. You know how to manifest like nobody's business but often forget to put such magic into practice. Once you get a vision about something, it's only a matter of time before it becomes reality, Pisces.

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Daily Overview

Support from your friends will be a great help for you. Traps will be numerous in your professional life; be on your guard. On the financial front, don't indulge in speculative operations, as the results could not be beneficial. Possibility of some weaknesses on the physical plane; you might especially be vulnerable to nervousness. Some emotional instability. You'll have to make important choices, but you'll tend to defer the deadline; however, things will slowly get settled by themselves.
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You want to help as many people as possible today. If you look, you'll find many ways to do exactly that. The little one may point out an amazing opportunity that's been right in front of you all this time.



A dream bears an important message for you, so make sure that you're taking your unconscious life as seriously as anything else. Even if you can't recall every detail, you should still understand.



You may find the culinary habits of some people to be far-fetched and unrealistic. You can't comprehend eating all raw foods or zero meat -- but one visit to a new type of restaurant will tell you how wrong you are. You may find yourself developing a healthy addiction to slow-cooked foods.



What's your top style priority at the moment? Is it being in better shape? Growing out your hair? Or maybe you want to learn to sew. Whatever it is, set mini-goals to help you reach your ultimate ambition.


Daily Home and Garden Scope

If one of your housemates is willing to re-roof the house, have a heart to heart about the likelihood of this project happening before winter. It's not that you don't appreciate his willingness to help. You simply don't want to get mired in an impossible situation, leading to bad feelings. If you think the roof has leaks, have a professional check it out.


Daily Green Scope

Plants provide a quick, easy and beautiful way to spot warm rooms all hours of the day. Invest in windowsill rows of flowerpots. Fill them with your favorite foliage, including herbs, flowers and plants. During the day, the water and soil will absorb the heat -- at night, the greenery will redistribute the warmth.


Daily Gay Scope

It's okay to daydream about the future today. But make it look like you're doing something productive while you fantasize. It's always a drag when someone walks in just as you and the satyr have arrived at your secret place on your tropical island.


Daily Lesbian Scope

You have an easy-going way about you that makes people, especially romantic prospects, feel intensely attracted to you. You can use this charm to your advantage at work as well.


Weekly Travel

Even on the road you're offering your hospitality and help, and at the beginning of the week this attitude makes you new friends and earns you admiration. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are fabulous days to travel -- you've got energy to burn, and what's around you inspires and changes you. You may even rediscover something long forgotten now. This weekend, though your mind may tend to wander, keep a close eye on your luggage, your wallet and your personal safety. An alert traveler is a smart traveler.


Weekly Flirt

Your people are going to be heading in the wrong direction early this week, though you may be the only person who recognizes the danger. Try to move people with your words. The middle part of the week will be a little smoother, though it may be hard to focus on anything that needs more than a few minutes of attention. The weekend is going to be super-awesome for you and your people -- it's the perfect time to throw a party or have one thrown for you.



Don't let the details bog down your spirit today. Some of your pals will try to drag you down with gossip and negativity. Focus on the big picture and you'll stay positive.



You're busy daydreaming about your immediate future. Although you're no sage, a long walk and a good dinner are just around the corner.