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9/23 - 10/22
Today 1 March, 2015  

Daily Overview

Things get off to a weird start today as a minor interruption turns into a day-long ordeal. The good news is that you can adapt to this as easily as anything else once you see it for what it really is.

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Daily Overview

A bright spot of the day may be that someone finally pays off a debt to you. This could be a turbulent day for romance if your partner is not a Pig or Rabbit. Other partners might be more bossy and volatile, making it uncomfortable for the more gentle, easygoing Sheep. Overall today, try to stay calm and not worry too much.
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Sometimes that little tyke of yours can get worked up about the darnedest things. Today, you may find it difficult to get them to verbalize what exactly the problem is. But if you follow their unspoken signals, you'll get the gist.



Things get off to a weird start today as a minor interruption turns into a day-long ordeal. The good news is that you can adapt to this as easily as anything else once you see it for what it really is.



You have no idea where you might end up when this busy day ends, so keep dinner choices flexible. You may be in a neighborhood with a proliferation of ethnic choices, so be ready to explore. You may find a Chinese place that has the perfect tea-smoked quail. Take your time and enjoy, then make plans to come back again.



You're a sweet-talking pro these days. Make the most of it, within reason, of course! Snag a sample of the mask your esthetician used or ask for a free gift at the makeup counter, even if your purchases fell a dollar shy.


Daily Home and Garden Scope

If your routine is disrupted, give yourself a break. Find a way to reroute your attention to the task at hand. If that entails a 20-minute meditation to reset your mind, go for it. Stressing out and wringing your hands is no way to deal with minor setbacks.


Daily Green Scope

It's nice to get some information before you make the switch, whether you want to start using biodegradable cleaners or organic TV dinners. There are great sources of information available for you at many online review sites. When you find something you like, make sure you pass the information on.


Daily Gay Scope

You spend so much time focused on the grand scale, that's it's easy to forget that the smaller things can be much more meaningful. Take the time to smell the proverbial flowers today, and celebrate life's little pleasures. Appreciate the soulful coo of the mourning dove, the sound of breaking surf or the warmth of his hand as he takes yours. These are meaningful moments that money can't buy.


Daily Lesbian Scope

It's high time you honed your moves and changed your approach to snare your new love interest; make sure everything comes straight from the heart. She's seen those tricks before and is not impressed.


Weekly Travel

All manner of good things in regard to travel are coming your way early in the week -- and your job is? As always, to maintain balance; you might be tempted to overdo it or overindulge. Change is in the air from Wednesday through Friday, and the variety of sights and experiences resonates with your soul. Find someone to share your thoughts with, whether you talk to a fellow adventurer or make a phone call home. Plan your itinerary so that this weekend is low-key; simple pleasures often satisfy you in ways that grand tours or big expenditures don't.


Weekly Flirt

You and your friends will be all talk early this week, which usually means no action. This time will be completely different, though. There will be so much new ground to cover and so many new faces to meet that you'll scramble to get it all done. Things will slow down a lot on Thursday and Friday, and your famous flexibility will help you cope with the weird demands that come from work, school or elsewhere. Engage your creative side this weekend, and you'll fill yourself with positive energy that might attract some welcome attention.



You're experiencing far too many distractions to keep your mind on any one of your feline responsibilities, which may make you a bit unhappy at first. Eventually, you'll just come to enjoy the flow.



A stretch, a yawn, a walk, in that order. Is it too much to ask for a daily routine? Apparently in your doghouse, it is. Don't wait for your humans to take a hint. It's up to you to give them the daily agenda.

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