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9/23 - 10/22
Today 28 February, 2015  

Daily Overview

Progress is overrated -- so don't get grumpy if you don't make it very far today. Things are sure to pick up in the future, and you may need to deal with some loose ends right now.

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Daily Overview

You might want to take a quiet ride into the countryside for a chance to stop and be in nature, taking time for reflection. On your way home, you may want to participate in one of your favorite pastimes, shopping for clothes. The more compatible your partner, the more satisfying will be your love life. If not compatible, try to be more subtle and persuasiveness to get your way.
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Setting up a new schedule for your little one? Much as you're eager for them to experience new things -- and they second that motion -- don't overdo it. It's better for them to have quality activities over quantity.



Progress is overrated -- so don't get grumpy if you don't make it very far today. Things are sure to pick up in the future, and you may need to deal with some loose ends right now.



Don't worry if things are progressing slowly in your diet or fitness routines. You may have merely hit plateaus, easily worked through with focus and dedication. So take this time to reassess your goals and reward yourself for your hard work so far. Go ahead. One chocolate cherry ice cream cone won't kill you.



You may find that style success comes from letting go a bit. So ask a salesperson to suggest items for the event you're shopping for, or put your face in the expert hands of whomever's behind the makeup counter.


Daily Home and Garden Scope

What makes you such a great leader is that your followers often don't know you're leading. With your charm, you can organize a fundraiser that feels like a party and make a day of hard work in the garden feel like a barbecue.


Daily Green Scope

March right on up to your local grocery store and ask them to sponsor your recycling program. Tell your loved ones it's time you started giving more to the community instead of buying each other silly gifts. Clean out your closets of anything unflattering, out of date or unwearable and donate them. Isn't it time to make the best of your life?


Daily Gay Scope

Too many mixed messages in your relationship has you exhausted, and today's a good day to retreat. His duality has drained your emotions, and you feel like your losing sight of yourself. Appreciating the smaller pleasures in life may restore your spirit, and clear your mind for the tough decisions ahead.


Daily Lesbian Scope

Squash that fight between your friend or lover by letting her know you're truly sorry about what happened. You love her and you know it's stupid to sacrifice your relationship because you're too proud to apologize.


Weekly Travel

All manner of good things in regard to travel are coming your way early in the week -- and your job is? As always, to maintain balance; you might be tempted to overdo it or overindulge. Change is in the air from Wednesday through Friday, and the variety of sights and experiences resonates with your soul. Find someone to share your thoughts with, whether you talk to a fellow adventurer or make a phone call home. Plan your itinerary so that this weekend is low-key; simple pleasures often satisfy you in ways that grand tours or big expenditures don't.


Weekly Flirt

You and your friends will be all talk early this week, which usually means no action. This time will be completely different, though. There will be so much new ground to cover and so many new faces to meet that you'll scramble to get it all done. Things will slow down a lot on Thursday and Friday, and your famous flexibility will help you cope with the weird demands that come from work, school or elsewhere. Engage your creative side this weekend, and you'll fill yourself with positive energy that might attract some welcome attention.



You may not get everything you want today -- which isn't unusual, of course. What could be weird is your response -- try not to get too frustrated over all the tiny obstacles. You can still enjoy life!



You appreciate the beauty of a routine. Always knowing just when the mail arrives can be such a comfort to a dog like you. So when things go a bit off track, don't let them snowball. It's up to you to reestablish harmony.

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