Leo: Love & Relationships

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7/23 - 8/22

2014: Leo Love


Leo, 2014 is filled with so much luck and opportunity for you that love is sure to be a huge part of the mix. The lessons that began in late 2012 around emotional and sexual intimacy are only getting deeper in 2014. Chances are, you're already in the throes of a very powerful relationship in order to reveal all of the complex layers that only relationships can mirror. If you happen to be single, your friendships are certainly a source of depth and intimacy for you to bridge the gap until your next romantic encounter. Of course, it's quite rare for a Leo to go for very long before falling madly in love all over again. And besides, this year you're simply in love with life all around!

This is a year to return to your childlike spirit when it comes to love and romance. If you've been taking yourself or your love life a bit too seriously, you can rectify that situation by getting back into a playful mode. You're at your best when you live from your heart and allow your silly side to shine. After all, you're just a big kid at your core and that's exactly what others find the most attractive about you, Leo.

You may feel more domestic and less romantic during the first half of the year, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that. You're still in a bit of a self-nurturing mode until July, when Jupiter comes out of your house of retreat and brings major abundance to the relationship axis of your horoscope. Your generous and big-hearted tendencies are about to become exaggerated in an irresistible way starting this summer. The only downfall to this big Jupiter transit is that you may feel so invincible you forget to be gracious in moments when a little humility might be necessary. If you remember to cultivate gratitude for this fabulous windfall of prosperity on all levels, you won't have to suffer that inevitable fall from grace. Keep love at the forefront of all you do, and spoil the ones you adore. If pride threatens your love buzz, simply say no and get back to what you do best: radiating your passionate and gigantic heart!

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Daily Overview

Use your creativity to apply your knowledge to solve a problem at work and be open to the input of your coworkers. People will very likely be making demands on your time and might have more bite to their humor than you can take. Your sensitive and sometimes insecure nature may cause you distress in the company of others today.
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Creativity is the watchword today. Your child may be inspired to try a new craft or other artistic activity. Do what you can to make sure they explore this impulse. You may have a budding Spielberg or Picasso or Dickinson on your hands!



Your self-confidence is spiking right now -- so much so that you could find yourself pushing toward a new victory you had never seen coming. Get ready to adapt to changing circumstances.



Your willpower will be put to the test today as the endless parade of office birthday and anniversary potluck celebrations continue anew. It'll be hard to walk away from homemade cole slaw, potstickers and Mexican bean pie ... well, okay, maybe just one potsticker.



Go for it! You're particularly farsighted these days, and you're willing to put the work into those goals you see on the horizon. It's a great time to sign up for personal training or commit to growing out your nails.


Daily Home and Garden Scope

In the home where your Peruvian girlfriend was raised it was proper to bring a gift if you visited someone's home. Nice tradition, you think, and so adopt it as befits your generous, lion-hearted nature.


Daily Green Scope

Thoughts, like actions, have consequences. Examine your belief system. You don't have to change anything. Just observe what mental ruts you fall into and how much, if any, new information you allow to get through.


Daily Gay Scope

Your recent accomplishments have made you justifiably proud -- but you mustn't rest on your laurels. Today is a great day to set some even loftier new goals. Plans made today will bring you great acclaim in the future.


Daily Lesbian Scope

Your even temper and fierce loyalty make you one of the greatest of friends. Sometimes, you clam up when you feel like people don't appreciate all you do for them. This is not the best way to solve this situation.


Weekly Travel

You love the drama and romance of the road, and your assurance and positive attitude make you and the road a perfect match early in the week. You're probably turning heads now wherever you go, and you're definitely enjoying yourself. Some practicality is required on Thursday or Friday; your itinerary may no longer make sense, or trip finances may need addressing. Ignore a wild impulse while you deal with these situations. This weekend, smile that winning grin of yours, and watch a new friend fall in your lap. Perhaps the two of you should treat yourselves to a fabulous meal.


Weekly Flirt

You'll be everyone's best friend early in the week, most likely stretching all the way to Wednesday, as a result of your good looks and charm. You'll have the spine to do anything -- make a move or stand up to higher-ups. Go along with whatever plans you've already made for midweek. Flexibility won't be your strong point on Thursday and Friday, so just do whatever it takes to make everybody happy. The weekend will be perfect for low-key chilling with friends, lovers, roommates or whomever you want to get a little closer to.



You feel like a gold-medalist at the big cat show, even if you're not one of those pampered critters. Something in your life just makes you feel like a winner and you want to share the joy with friends.



You fancy yourself as being lionhearted, but don't get all puffed up. Other dogs may not see you the same way. The best approach may be not grabbing any attention at all.