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5/21 - 6/21
Today 5 March, 2015  

Daily Overview

You may find it difficult to communicate with your closest friends and family members today -- so give it a rest! You should try instead to just chill out and put off anything serious until tomorrow or the next day.

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Daily Overview

With everything happening so fast today, you may feel like you're running just to keep up. If you're noticing a lot of small misunderstandings with other people, it might be best to take a step back from the situation and deal with it another day, when your mind isn't clouded with so many thoughts.
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Every workplace or neighborhood seems to have at least one busybody. Today, you may find that you must deal with one. Don't share any information of a highly personal nature or listen to gossip. It really is the best policy.



You may find it difficult to communicate with your closest friends and family members today -- so give it a rest! You should try instead to just chill out and put off anything serious until tomorrow or the next day.



You'll be so tuned into the details today that you'll skim over the larger issues. So take a step back and look at the entire picture. Sure, a sausage lasagna may have a bit more fat and calories than you'd like, but it's delicious and it makes you feel good -- sometimes that's all that matters.



Bust out your planner and hold your calls. You're a plan-making pro right now, so schedule all your beauty appointments, gym classes and shopping dates for the rest of the month now. Then just breeze through them with ease.


Daily Home and Garden Scope

Seeking a strand of pearls to wear with your new dress may prompt you to reorganize your jewelry box. Save that project for another day, but keep this in mind: A pullout arm with little hooks for your necklaces is a better use of space. Install it next to a wall in your closet so it does not get lost among the clothing.


Daily Green Scope

Now's a great time to keep your options open. Don't actively look for a new job and anything is possible. As you update that resume, double check it for errors, erroneous information and exaggerations -- even flat-out lies. You might look sterling on paper, but dishonesty will come back to bite you. If you're wishy-washy on dates, contact your previous employer to verify. Has the company changed hands? Has your former manager moved? Don't hesitate to included notes that clarify this info.


Daily Gay Scope

You've the gift of gab, and people have a hard time getting a word in edgewise. It's a good thing you're so witty and charming, else you might get on people's nerves. Learn to shut up for a few minutes today, and let other people talk. You can't learn things about others unless you let them tell you. That cutie you keep chatting up may be trying to tell you something. Why can't you just listen?


Daily Lesbian Scope

It's time to reconnect. You and a close friend have had a hard time understanding each other recently, which makes your increased ability to communicate a welcome blessing. Invite her to coffee or something.


Weekly Travel

It's amazing the people you meet in everyday life, and when you're traveling ... well, that goes double. At the beginning of this week, you're finding common bonds with all sorts of diverse types, making travel enriching for you and those you touch. Attend to some correspondence on Thursday or Friday. You may want to take a two-pronged approach with family -- say, send a postcard and make contact via email or phone. Your energy is up this weekend, but your focus could be scattered. Let your companion, guidebook or a fellow traveler help you set a daily itinerary.


Weekly Flirt

It's an easy week for you as you throw down the mad banter for the first half and go into listening mode for the second. From Monday through Wednesday, you'll feel the need to whip up a few lighthearted arguments with folks who might take them a little too seriously -- have fun. Toward the end of the week, you'll find yourself doing more listening than talking as lots of folks decide you need to hear their opinions and take their advice. The weekend is a great time to go exploring, especially if you're in the market for romance.



You're in the mood for some play-fighting and should find someone willing to take you on. Make sure that neither of you forgets what's going on and gets serious -- nobody wants that!



You beg for table scraps, but all you get is chow. You may think you're having a hard time communicating, but that's not the case. Turning up the volume will not get you anywhere.

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