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6/22 - 7/22
Today 2 March, 2015  

Daily Overview

Step things up a bit -- you can afford a little extravagance today. You may not actually have to spend any extra, thanks to the strange energy that has been loosed upon the world.

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Daily Overview

If you use some craftiness and well laid out planning, you could convince management to implement your well laid out idea. You could expand your circle of friends as others will be attracted to your kindness and courtesy. Take a short break during the day, if things get a little too hectic.
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It's a good time to look to the future. You and your other half may find that you share a similar wide-screen vision for your little one. Dream on, but don't make any rash financial moves for the time being.



Step things up a bit -- you can afford a little extravagance today. You may not actually have to spend any extra, thanks to the strange energy that has been loosed upon the world.



Being nicely assertive will get you the things you want today. That means you'll have to push your way through the line if you want to get your paws on a still warm blueberry scone. But you'll be so friendly about it people won't get upset with you, until they see that you've snagged the last one!



It would behoove you to keep a low profile at work right about now. If your boss hates dark lipstick or brightly colored blouses, toe the line. Sometimes career security is (marginally!) more important than style.


Daily Home and Garden Scope

Compare not only at the dollar cost of a solution but the environmental value when making choices today. Venting your drier to the outside rather than the basement or under the house will solve your spider problem without an exterminator.


Daily Green Scope

You'll be uncharacteristically prone to wild shopping sprees today. But here's a thought: why do you need all those fancy-handled bags that the shops give out? Sure, you feel a rush when you walk down the street with a brand name, ribbon-handled bag (or 12), but all of those bags end up in the landfill. Think ahead and bring some canvas shopping bags before you max your plastic today.


Daily Gay Scope

You're living in the moment, and you're taking advantage of the food, the drink, the ever-present desire to overindulge. But today you may want to start thinking about that subtly expanding waistline. You don't want to be feeling less than excellent, right? Hit the gym today, and pass up the brie next time.


Daily Lesbian Scope

Taking a chance will pay off. It doesn't have to involve gambling large sums of money or jumping off a cliff either. All you have to do is leap from the comfort zone when you feel yourself closing off. It will be fun.


Weekly Travel

Blowing your budget on a posh hotel or pricey souvenir is tempting on Monday or Tuesday, but do you really want to go third-class (or go into debt) during the rest of your trip? Make sure you aren't biting off more than you can chew financially. Tidy your home away from home -- your luggage, toiletries, and other items -- after Wednesday. You'll feel better with the little things in order right now. Traveling is not always a breeze, and this weekend could bring a challenge or two. Don't hole up in your room, though; stay active and you'll get back on track.


Weekly Flirt

Go nuts early this week and treat yourself to something nice. Don't totally break the bank, but set aside your doubts if they're nagging at you. The expense may well turn out to be worth it in the long run. Thursday will be nice and relaxing, whether you decide to hang out on your own or with your people; the small stuff will really stand out, and you'll be able to feel the vibe. Roommates or family might start to wear on you over the weekend, but if you can get out of the house for a long walk or a short trip, you'll be able to connect without any troubles.



Surprise your friends and family by busting a move on impulse, rather than calculating each step. They may not believe their eyes when you swoop down on them at the last possible second!



The treats just keep getting bigger and better! It sounds like a dream come true, but you're beginning to wonder what tricks can top the ones you've already done, as rewards get more and more extravagant.

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