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6/22 - 7/22
Today 28 March, 2015  

Daily Overview

Your energy level is still sky-high, so make the most of it by starting on something new -- or maybe by finishing off something old. Whatever it is, expect a new, positive chapter to begin.

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Daily Overview

You may very well be in a joyful state of consciousness today. Conditions are very auspicious for a quick trip. Your domestic life seems to be in a very favorable position.
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If you wait until your boss offers you a day off, that day may never come. Today, you will find that you must be assertive in order to get what you want. So go ahead and make your needs known clearly -- in many situations.



Your energy level is still sky-high, so make the most of it by starting on something new -- or maybe by finishing off something old. Whatever it is, expect a new, positive chapter to begin.



You'll be the center of attention today, and this time it'll be for all the right reasons. So take your bows and bask in the applause and good tidings. This kind of adulation might not happen again for a while, perhaps not until the next time you share your homemade apricot scones with your coworkers.



You're getting your second wind, fashion-wise. You thought that you'd been there, done that when it came to the legendary LBD, but today you'll find one with a completely new twist on the theme! Yes, you can rock it; pick it up.


Daily Home and Garden Scope

At a gathering this week, you may just feel daring enough to wear some of your heirloom jewelry. Though there's always a risk that the clasp will break, enjoy bringing these treasures out into society, as they were meant to be seen.


Daily Green Scope

Let your high energy help you tackle some work-intensive green goals like planting a vegetable garden or cleaning up your neighborhood park. Use your extra vigor and enthusiasm to get others motivated to get outside and do something positive for the environment. You might find yourself surrounded with friends eager to make a difference.


Daily Gay Scope

The spotlight is on you today, so revel in it. Show off your dance moves at the 80's disco night or your extensive pop knowledge at the local pub's trivia night. Have fun. Laugh. Tell stories. You'll be magnetic and everyone will love being around you -- and who's that new cutie hanging on your every word? Find out!


Daily Lesbian Scope

People often assume you aren't a highly sexual being, but that's only because you like to keep your freaky nature hidden until you reach the bedroom. You'll have a chance to prove one lucky lady wrong about your erotic side tonight.


Weekly Travel

Home's still where your heart is on Monday, but give yourself a little time to get into the spirit of your trip. By Tuesday, you're ready to start coming out of your shell, exploring your surroundings and venturing to communicate with some fellow travelers and locals. This adventurous side of you really hits its stride from Wednesday through Friday, when you're feeling the magic of travel -- its potential to rejuvenate and transform. This weekend, treat yourself to an extravagance to celebrate -- an unforgettable meal, an amazing cultural event or whatever suits your fancy.


Weekly Flirt

Expect some exceptionally speedy mental acuity as the week begins. Your brain is as fast as lightning on Monday, and others have trouble even keeping up. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you have the best time hanging out in big groups -- so get your charming self out there and socialize! Thursday and Friday should prove perfect days for breaking out of your shell even more, so ignore any pesky authority figures who try to hold you back. This weekend, look sharp and be assertive. The spotlight is on you!



All eyes are on you today -- and you love it! Your great energy is perfect for getting things done or just rolling around with your buddies, playing and cuddling. Enjoy every moment of it!



You're not the underdog at the park for a change. In fact, you're getting the hang of being assertive. Just don't think you can take that kind of attitude back to the doghouse with you.

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