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3/21 - 4/19

2014: Aries Overview


Are you ready to have your world of romance, creativity and relationships totally rocked, Aries? This year focuses so heavily on all themes related to your love life and integrating your opposite polarity (Libra). Get ready for a serious indoctrination on beauty, peace and justice. 2014 promises to deliver endless opportunities to perfect your skills in being the best lover and partner you can possibly be. This doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your authentic, individual Fire-warrior spirit, but it does mean you're about to learn the art of compromise in a colossal way. Starting in March, the Nodes of Fate will move into your stars right before your birthday, preparing you for a new cycle focused on the ever-elusive balance between 'self' and 'other'. You may feel you are still shedding old aspects of your personality that no longer serve you or your partnerships -- but the payoff is so worth it. You're a true romantic at heart, ever in search of a truly beautiful and harmonious partnership, and this year just might be the year you get to truly live and experience this like never before. Speaking of love, another major bonus arrives just in time for summer when lucky Jupiter moves into your sector of romance and pleasure for a year.

Your ruling planet, Mars, starts off the year applying added fuel to your relationship zone and continues to work this part of your horoscope for an unusually extended stay (until July). You'll be highly motivated to put more work and energy into making your partnerships as equal and harmonious as possible. The first half of the year will ask you to really conserve your energy and avoid unnecessary battles. There are so many lessons surrounding peace, diplomacy and grace that you may wonder what happened to your Fire. Not to worry, it will be back in the summer with a sexy vengeance when Mars moves into Scorpio and ignites your house of intimacy and transformation through the rest of the year.

The Nodes of Fate have a huge impact on your relationship world starting in February and lasting until the end of the year. There's a fated feeling around all new encounters, whether romantic or business. If you're still single, don't be surprised if a very important merger begins to form early this spring (if not sooner). The next few years have plenty to teach you in terms of the whole give-and-take ratio in relationships. You may have to drop any fears you have about losing your autonomy or free-agent status in order to hunker down with a steady partner. What if you could have the best of both worlds, Aries? A loving partner who supports you in being your best blazing beautiful self? Yes, you can have it all!

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Daily Overview

With everything happening so fast today, you may feel like you're running just to keep up. If you're noticing a lot of small misunderstandings with other people, it might be best to take a step back from the situation and deal with it another day, when your mind isn't clouded with so many thoughts.
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You're never one to dilly dally, but today you should slow the pace. You'll find that the more you attempt to rush ahead, the less you accomplish. Your child will appreciate the chance to spend more leisurely time with you as well.



You need to stick to your routines today -- otherwise, things may start to get out of control pretty quickly! Your energy is a little drawn out, but you can save up enough of it to make a difference.



Hacking through the day's mundane responsibilities will actually put you to sleep today. So do what you must short of drinking one latte after another to stay in the dance. The natural sugars in fruit will give you energy; you'll have to mango if you want to tango.



Own a bold dress or power suit? Wear it. If you have a favorite way to twist your hair, take the time to style it this morning. You're coming into a great period of achievement, and you'll want to look the part!


Daily Home and Garden Scope

This is a good day for aligning your personal finances with your desires. If the apartment reeks of the pets that came before you, a tough cleaning job is ahead. Ask your landlord to replace the carpet pad and clean the baseboards. If you do it yourself, make sure the first month's rent reflects your efforts.


Daily Green Scope

When it comes to the economy, be prepared for anything. Indispensability means nothing when a company's forced to cut corners; then all bets are off. Tighten up that resume, and prepare a template cover letter and not a form cover letter -- big difference. Always tailor that introductory missive to the job you're applying for. Avoid regurgitating info. It's an opportunity to expound on the details and to highlight accomplishments. And name the job you're applying for in the first sentence. HR departments receive lots of apps, and you don't want to get lost in the shuffle.


Daily Gay Scope

Too much work and not enough working out may be catching up to you, and it may be time to think about your health. Start by getting a medical checkup this week -- it'll tell you where you stand physically. Then come up with an exercise plan that works with your busy schedule. Weight lifting, aerobic activity and a healthy diet will help trim the pounds, and have you feeling sexy and vital again.


Daily Lesbian Scope

Today is full of potential. To make the most of it you must have a positive attitude, because once you start thinking negatively it's a sharp downward spiral. You're the only person who can hold you back.


Weekly Travel

There's an urgency to your travels early in the week -- whether you're conquering the business world or getting the most out of leisure, you're definitely on a quest. And if this were a competition, you'd be in the lead. Between Wednesday and Friday, however, you'll need to slow your pace; accidents or health issues are possible, and you don't want either of those on the road. This weekend, watch for conflict between partnerships and independence. With your charm, you'll handle it with ease.


Weekly Flirt

The whole first half of this week will be filled with seriously positive energy. If there's any way for you to score some playtime with your posse, go for it. By midweek, family dynamics might get a little overwhelming, even if you're determined to keep things simple. Expect a surprise of some kind, maybe a call from someone unexpected, on Thursday or Friday. The weekend will be long and kind of slow in a good way. If you work your laziness (if there's any to work), you'll find yourself charming the cuties big-time.



Even if you haven't been a kitten in years, you've still got some of that good, youthful energy flowing through your veins today. Scamper off down the hall after nothing or just chase your tail until you finally win.



Don't get frustrated with all the details -- just forget about them! Focus on the big picture, like the dog run, the walk, your chow or your owner. The tack, the pace, and the route are not worth dwelling on today.