Aries Horoscope

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3/21 - 4/19
Today 2 March, 2015  

Daily Overview

It's the perfect time for romance -- so make sure that you're ready! That could mean making yourself look even hotter, or it could just mean letting your sweetie know how you really feel.

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Daily Overview

If you use some craftiness and well laid out planning, you could convince management to implement your well laid out idea. You could expand your circle of friends as others will be attracted to your kindness and courtesy. Take a short break during the day, if things get a little too hectic.
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This would be a great day to take the kiddos out for a brisk walk around the park or mall. A bit of exercise will do wonders for your stress levels. By evening, you're still in a mood to get physical, this time with your other half.



It's the perfect time for romance -- so make sure that you're ready! That could mean making yourself look even hotter, or it could just mean letting your sweetie know how you really feel.



Today will be a good one to spend in the bosom of family and friends. Get everyone together by hosting a potluck. Everyone can sample the different appetizers and dishes, until you start cooking the chipotle short ribs and wine-marinated kabobs. Ah, good times!



Things may be hectic, but style doesn't have to be. Thumb your nose at all but mandatory tasks: Hold off on beauty appointments, limit your morning routine to soap and gloss, and delay laundry by borrowing a top.


Daily Home and Garden Scope

You will be glad to find a place to rest and observe as you open your mind to the possibilities. A visit to the botanical gardens will give you ideas for what plants to include in the arrangement of your own garden.


Daily Green Scope

You'll want to forego your usual night out on the town to snuggle up with someone special in front of a crackling fire -- but wait! Don't even think about firing up that traditional fireplace, which can dump chemical laden smoke into your neighborhood. Check out new, eco-conscious fireplaces and turn up the good, clean heat!


Daily Gay Scope

You thought you were going to hold off on the rich food for awhile, but you went berserk in an orgy of eating, and you're feeling it today. You know the feeling: sluggish, groggy, gross. Stop the madness! That bulge in your belly makes you feel like the biggest loser, so start working it off today. It may take some motivation, and self-control, but exercise and diet will pay off.


Daily Lesbian Scope

You would rather stick pins in your eye than listen to another word she says -- put down those sharp objects! You will have to spend time with someone who makes you nuts, but don't worry, because she'll be out of your life soon.


Weekly Travel

There's an urgency to your travels early in the week -- whether you're conquering the business world or getting the most out of leisure, you're definitely on a quest. And if this were a competition, you'd be in the lead. Between Wednesday and Friday, however, you'll need to slow your pace; accidents or health issues are possible, and you don't want either of those on the road. This weekend, watch for conflict between partnerships and independence. With your charm, you'll handle it with ease.


Weekly Flirt

The whole first half of this week will be filled with seriously positive energy. If there's any way for you to score some playtime with your posse, go for it. By midweek, family dynamics might get a little overwhelming, even if you're determined to keep things simple. Expect a surprise of some kind, maybe a call from someone unexpected, on Thursday or Friday. The weekend will be long and kind of slow in a good way. If you work your laziness (if there's any to work), you'll find yourself charming the cuties big-time.



You figure out all kinds of cool ways to spend the day and ought to impress anyone who is watching you with your wiles and savvy. Make sure that you don't tie yourself down to any one activity.



With kids around, even the simplest actions seem like adventure. You're in on the excitement, so get ready for a great day with little ones.