Aries Horoscope

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3/21 - 4/19
Today 24 April, 2014  

Daily Overview

Today's issue is of vital importance, so do your best to take it seriously -- even if it seems silly on the surface. You can't get it figured out without some help, and a friend comes by at just the right time.

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Daily Overview

You could be confronted with a bizarre situation, and you'll be able to control it only if you keep your head cool and show proper judgment. The moment will be well chosen to tackle again some great project that you dropped recently. You'll enjoy good health, but this should not be a reason for continuing to treat your body badly; you must above all sleep enough and do some exercise every day.
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Something clear as mud to you may prove easy for the little one. Step back and watch them puzzle out that new toy or game that just doesn't make sense. Soon enough they'll figure it out on their own.



Today's issue is of vital importance, so do your best to take it seriously -- even if it seems silly on the surface. You can't get it figured out without some help, and a friend comes by at just the right time.



Direct your prodigious energies towards helping others today. Your aid will be appreciated, and they'll offer to reciprocate by taking you to a seafood dinner. Just try not to order the lobster tail and Dungeness crab cakes. You don't want to tax your friends' gratitude.



Altruism is a stylish asset -- perform a good deed for a harried friend. If you notice that her favorite conditioner is on sale, buy an extra bottle or two. You'll be pleased, your pal will be touched and, best of all, her hair will look great.


Daily Home and Garden Scope

Your aging parents may not want to admit they could use a little help. When you see a small chore that needs doing, if you proceed to do it with a minimum of fuss while your are conversing, each time you visit, your gift of time will not go unappreciated.


Daily Green Scope

Cherish the earth as you love your sweetie. Make a reservation at a restaurant within walking distance. Better yet, why not create an home-cooked, organic meal? That way, you'll cut down on your carbon emissions, support the local economy and keep your body (and your relationship) healthy.


Daily Gay Scope

It would be nice to do as little as possible today. Work responsibilities will prevent that, so do only what you want. Coworkers will say that you're ghost walking, but pay them no mind; you'd rather they couldn't see you at all. And come five o'clock, that's exactly what will happen.


Daily Lesbian Scope

You're often driven by your sexual nature. You use these erotic connections to make yourself feel better, but you should focus on making connections with others using your natural charm and charisma.


Weekly Travel

Get personally grounded on Monday morning before you take off on your journey -- a little extra thought about your goals gets you off to a fairly amazing start, all the way through Wednesday. Accomplishing the work you've set out to do -- or finding the leisure you need -- is a snap now. But your travels may not go quite so smoothly around Thursday. Try not to let delays unduly frustrate you; pack a positive attitude for your travel karma's sake. By the weekend, that great energy from the week's outset is back, plus some. Enjoy meeting every adventure with aplomb and excitement!


Weekly Flirt

You may run into some low-key troubles with an authority figure early this week, but don't let it bring you down too far, because things should return to normal pretty quickly. You will need to lead the way through the middle of the week, as your people will have a hard time making up their minds about the simplest things. Stay in the background through the weekend, helping your people do their stuff but leaving your own until Sunday at the earliest.



Your affable personality will turn your foes into friends today. If you extend a paw to someone in need of kindness, you'll add a profound dimension to your personality.



You're talented, so don't waste time getting frustrated when you can't learn something new. Think of it as one more trick up your sleeve, and you'll find it's not a real problem after all.