Aries Horoscope

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3/21 - 4/19
Today 27 February, 2015  

Daily Overview

Your tech affinity is peaking right now, and you may find it easier than usual to get great deals on the latest gadgets. If that's not your thing, you can at least make that copier work right.

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Daily Overview

You could be in the zone, mentally, today. You may have experienced some highs and lows in your social life recently. You may feel on top of the world. Take on difficult emotional issues in your life while you have this beacon of mental clarity.
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Keep the lines of communication open today. This astral energy should bring an important matter to a head, and you'll be able to find out where you stand with those around you. Actions speak louder than words with your little one, though.



Your tech affinity is peaking right now, and you may find it easier than usual to get great deals on the latest gadgets. If that's not your thing, you can at least make that copier work right.



Conflicts with antagonistic coworkers will be a ceaseless source of stress today. A few cups of tea could help keep the tension at bay. Both green and black varieties of tea contain the amino acid L-theanine, which promotes relaxation and tranquility, two things you'll need to get though this day.



You can't transform your look overnight -- but staying open to change could foster great mini-revolutions! So don't try to go straight from all black to multi-colored, for example ... just vow to try on one bright piece at a time.


Daily Home and Garden Scope

Look for rapid results today -- anything slower than a microwave will be likely to drive you crazy. If you simply must cook a large meal today, you may want to invest in a pressure cooker to get the results you need.


Daily Green Scope

t's time to weatherproof your home. And do it now to avert a disaster when the tempests roll in. Clean your downspouts and gutters. Foliage is undoubtedly damming up your drainage situation. If you don't clear it out, you could end up with wood rot, foundation damage or pest infestations. Make sure gutters are securely attached and free of leaks, and proper drainage keeps water from pooling.


Daily Gay Scope

Misinterpretation could cause petty arguments to escalate into full-on battles today, especially at home. Thinking carefully about each word before delivering it, because there are landmines everywhere, just ready to blow up in your unsuspecting face.


Daily Lesbian Scope

You have the ability to make the most of your day -- or you could indulge your more negative attributes and have the worst day possible. Keeping an upbeat air about you will attract people with more positive energy.


Weekly Travel

A mellow mode will be useful on the road at the beginning of the week. Use a little patience and a lot of charm when you hit bumps in plans, and you'll have a lot more fun than you would with a brusque approach. Get online Wednesday or Thursday to send a travelogue email to friends, reserve your next lodging choice, or do some research on an intriguing aspect of your destination. Watch what you eat this weekend -- find out about any local food-safety issues, dine at highly trafficked establishments and try not to overindulge.


Weekly Flirt

Watch out for arguments with roommates or flirt-buddies early this week. These tiffs won't blow up or get out of control, but they might become heavier than they need to if you're not on the ball. From Wednesday through Friday, you experience a tremendous rush of positive energy that will help you start and finish a million different projects, especially around the house. Get the party started this weekend. Be sure to follow up on those impulses that hit you every few minutes, even if your friends roll their eyes.



Everything is moving quickly today -- and that's how you like it! Even if you've been around the block a few times and your kitty years are starting to add up, you still get a thrill from the action!



When your humans have arguments, you have to assess more than the details. Are they being heavy or flirtatious? Don't get your fur up and act all protective until you know.