Aries Horoscope

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3/21 - 4/19
Today 25 April, 2014  

Daily Overview

This isn't a good time to try new endeavors -- not even those that seem like they are the best of ideas. Your energy is just better suited to cleaning up old problems or motoring along on the same paths.

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Daily Overview

There is lots to be said for this day -- expect plenty of action. Expend some of your energy by working to further your career. Beware of taking too much of a risk, but don't hold back on striving for big goals. Let your dreams flow, but make sure you take the right steps to get there.
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Go ahead and run those errands and pick up all the stuff your tot can't live without. There's just one pitfall at the mall, though, as you may forget to read the fine print on a warranty. Don't sign anything until you do.



This isn't a good time to try new endeavors -- not even those that seem like they are the best of ideas. Your energy is just better suited to cleaning up old problems or motoring along on the same paths.



Real problems will call for real solutions today. You'll find this out at lunch when you realize that a mere salad won't be enough to tame your gigantic hunger. A veggie sub with melted provolone and a cup of lentil soup might be the more filling choice.



The more elaborate a skin care routine, the less likely you'll stick to it, not to mention the expense. Research different products and pick something you'll actually use consistently. If you don't, you're just wasting good money.


Daily Home and Garden Scope

Be solution oriented rather than frustrated. Store pots with their lids upside down and you can stack another pot on top. If your ceiling is high enough and your pot bottoms sparkle, consider hanging them. Give unneeded pots to someone who needs them.


Daily Green Scope

A warm back is the key to lowering your monthly heating bill -- that's why our fashionable forefathers invented the vest. Head to the thrift store and buy a couple of cheap, sleeveless sweaters, then turn down the thermostat. If it works well for you, invest in a couple of nice garments.


Daily Gay Scope

You'll be a dynamo today, a whirling dervish of nervous energy. That may be too much for you to handle, so let others feed off your magnetism. Sharing your verve will get everyone else enthused about working, which will make it so much easier for you to get them to help you renovate the bathroom.


Daily Lesbian Scope

You can work out a personal problem by using some more creative methods. Try ten minutes of free-writing, drawing or simply an informal session of scream therapy. You need to get this thing under control.


Weekly Travel

Get personally grounded on Monday morning before you take off on your journey -- a little extra thought about your goals gets you off to a fairly amazing start, all the way through Wednesday. Accomplishing the work you've set out to do -- or finding the leisure you need -- is a snap now. But your travels may not go quite so smoothly around Thursday. Try not to let delays unduly frustrate you; pack a positive attitude for your travel karma's sake. By the weekend, that great energy from the week's outset is back, plus some. Enjoy meeting every adventure with aplomb and excitement!


Weekly Flirt

You may run into some low-key troubles with an authority figure early this week, but don't let it bring you down too far, because things should return to normal pretty quickly. You will need to lead the way through the middle of the week, as your people will have a hard time making up their minds about the simplest things. Stay in the background through the weekend, helping your people do their stuff but leaving your own until Sunday at the earliest.



You're the cat's meow today and everyone knows it. Scratch away that dander, lick that fur and get that hair in tip-top shape. You have a fabulous evening ahead of you, so look and feel your best.



You don't get so many walks and treats for nothing. You must have done something right in another life, because you can do as little as possible and still have riches rain down on you.