Aquarius Horoscope

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1/20 - 2/18

2014: Aquarius Overview


2014 is the year to broaden your horizons and fly the friendly skies, Aquarius. The emphasis is on long-distance travel, philosophy and all forms of conscious awareness. If you've been hiding out at home, this is the year to get packing. Unprecedented adventure awaits. Life is sure to take you on some important journeys (literally, figuratively or both) on the quest for revealing the kind of mind-blowing truths that can only come from direct experience. You'll have Mars firing up your house of travel for the entire first half of the year and quickly joined by the North Node of Fate in March. Wanderlust and travel fever could easily become daily themes, especially during the first half of the year. If you're not able to physically travel, opt for activities that expand your mental and spiritual horizons, even if that means learning a foreign language or furthering your education.

Jupiter will keep you plenty busy for the first half of the year as the planet of abundance brings work -- and more work. Your daily routine will be filled to the max, but rich and nurturing nonetheless. You may wonder if you'll ever have time to pause and catch your breath, but luckily the energy will shift in July. You'll move into a new phase where your relationships become primary, and the daily grind slips into the background.

Saturn continues to hold court at the top of your horoscope for another year. This high-powered status position only comes about once every 29 years -- so work it, Aquarius! The prestige continues, as does the heavy load of responsibility that comes with it. You have even surprised yourself with the level of dedication and determination you've demonstrated over the past year. Your stellar discipline is paying off, and this inspires you to work even harder. Starting in March, you're being called to consider the bigger picture. This requires letting go of certain obsessive mental ruts that keep you spinning and lost in the details.

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You may have watched your plans fall apart in slow motion as circumstances changed substantially over the past three weeks. Thankfully, mischievous Mercury is done with its retrograde through your 9th House of Big Ideas and today's turnaround can send you off in an exciting new direction. It might take a few days to capture a precise picture of what went wrong and to formulate a successful strategy, but don't get discouraged now. You should be back on your feet and raring to go soon enough; focus on the positives and everything will be alright. Get Your Complete Cosmic Profile


Weekly Travel

Puzzling out the meaning of mishaps is fine for exercising your mental prowess, but deal with the here and now in order to get your trip back on track at the start of the week. Wednesday and Thursday, you find that your direct actions have real impact, and your situation improves appreciably. Friday and Saturday are all about indulging the senses, so visit the area's craftspeople, artisans and sample the local delicacies. Sunday, you have a million different things that you want to do, but you might be better off narrowing it down to one or two items.


Weekly Flirt

You are an agent of change on Monday, an inspiration to everyone around you. And, happily, this gives you a lot of pleasure. You're excited that people are excited and, in all your excitement, you want to work together toward some kind of exciting goal. This is the sort of momentum that makes anything possible. Tuesday or Wednesday you have a brief freak-out about money, but it's nothing to dwell on. Thursday and Friday you learn enough to fill an encyclopedia and come out of it still wanting to know more. Satisfyingly, the weekend is full of discoveries.