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1/20 - 2/18

2014: Aquarius Overview


2014 is the year to broaden your horizons and fly the friendly skies, Aquarius. The emphasis is on long-distance travel, philosophy and all forms of conscious awareness. If you've been hiding out at home, this is the year to get packing. Unprecedented adventure awaits. Life is sure to take you on some important journeys (literally, figuratively or both) on the quest for revealing the kind of mind-blowing truths that can only come from direct experience. You'll have Mars firing up your house of travel for the entire first half of the year and quickly joined by the North Node of Fate in March. Wanderlust and travel fever could easily become daily themes, especially during the first half of the year. If you're not able to physically travel, opt for activities that expand your mental and spiritual horizons, even if that means learning a foreign language or furthering your education.

Jupiter will keep you plenty busy for the first half of the year as the planet of abundance brings work -- and more work. Your daily routine will be filled to the max, but rich and nurturing nonetheless. You may wonder if you'll ever have time to pause and catch your breath, but luckily the energy will shift in July. You'll move into a new phase where your relationships become primary, and the daily grind slips into the background.

Saturn continues to hold court at the top of your horoscope for another year. This high-powered status position only comes about once every 29 years -- so work it, Aquarius! The prestige continues, as does the heavy load of responsibility that comes with it. You have even surprised yourself with the level of dedication and determination you've demonstrated over the past year. Your stellar discipline is paying off, and this inspires you to work even harder. Starting in March, you're being called to consider the bigger picture. This requires letting go of certain obsessive mental ruts that keep you spinning and lost in the details.

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Daily Overview

A bright spot of the day may be that someone finally pays off a debt to you. This could be a turbulent day for romance if your partner is not a Pig or Rabbit. Other partners might be more bossy and volatile, making it uncomfortable for the more gentle, easygoing Sheep. Overall today, try to stay calm and not worry too much.
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This is just a phase -- or so you hope. Your kiddo may pester you for a pet or for some other thing that you don't feel they are ready for. Today, you may not be able to talk them out of it, but you can outlast them.



Your emotions are bigger and louder than ever -- is it time for you to go into seclusion? You may need to find a way to just ease into this new situation, or at least get a friend to support you.



File that 'to-do' list; you need to work on your mental health today. Taking a 'me' day may be much needed, so do only things that bring you pleasure. That could mean a massage or yoga, buying a cute outfit or the slice of ham and spinach quiche you'll lunch on as you decide how to spend the rest of your day.



Savings plans instituted now may yield particularly noticeable results later on. Cancel that pedicure appointment and ask a pal to trim your bangs. Before you know it, that splurge you're eyeing won't seem so far out of reach!


Daily Home and Garden Scope

You will dance in a whirl of activity as you ready your home for visitors. Fill your extra bathroom with gourmet soaps, bath salts and freshly laundered towels rolled up and tied with raffia ribbon for a destination-spa experience.


Daily Green Scope

Your refrigerator is one of your greatest resources for healthy, budget-friendly eating. But it also uses a lot of energy if you've got an older model or you're not using the space in your refrigerator efficiently. Go online and bone up on the latest ways of being eco-friendly with your fridge. You might be surprised at what you will learn.


Daily Gay Scope

You've been in a turbulent new relationship where he just can't seem to commit. He says he's devoted to you, but he still sees other guys. You've resigned yourself to accepting it for now, but the confusion and jealousy are blurring your focus. Stop and organize your feelings today. Is this is just a phase, or the way it will always be? Don't share him with others. You're a one-guy man.


Daily Lesbian Scope

Ironically, the closer you are to someone, the more vulnerable you'll feel. And you're especially sensitive to others. Try to remember that your friends are on your side -- they just want what's best for you.


Weekly Travel

Extend and deepen your knowledge of your destination at the beginning of the week. In fact, a conversation with an older resident you meet may nicely complement a book on the history of the place; you'll find out the oddities that few people know. After Wednesday, you'll pass on these facts and fables, and a connection you make could sizzle. Enjoy the excellent energy through Friday -- this weekend, you'll want to watch your health and stay on an even keel emotionally. Slow down; eat frequent, small meals; and take time out to rest or meditate.


Weekly Flirt

You have that crazy genius thing going for you, so work it hard this week and you'll come out ahead of the game. On Monday and Tuesday, find a new way to get your message across memorably -- it won't be difficult for you. Later in the week, especially Friday, you'll need to stop overthinking things and just plunge ahead recklessly. The freedom from your inner censor will feel lovely. You'll catch someone in a contradiction over the weekend, but you may decide to let slide for the sake of peace and quiet.



Your little heart is all over the place today and you may feel as if you've got more to handle than you can possibly take. Don't despair, though -- you can always find solace in the laundry basket!



Your owner's health problems are technically their own responsibility. While it's not your place to fix them, you can't help but point out the obvious. Hellooooo: pets, dogs, walks -- exercise!