Aquarius Horoscope

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1/20 - 2/18
Week starting from 1 March  

Weekly Overview

A strange contradiction presents itself on Monday; pursue it, and you may stumble upon a discovery. Experiments and extraordinary strides figure into Tuesday and Wednesday as well -- you feel a bit like a mad scientist making a series of breakthroughs -- but by Thursday you're more careful, taking care and covering the details. You know as well as anyone that oftentimes things are not as they seem. Keep this in mind on Friday. And this weekend, someone who seems to have little to do with your life will tell you a story you find endlessly fascinating. Amazing what you can learn from other people.

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Intimate relationships may be the source of great confusion today, especially if you don't pay close attention to what your partner is saying. In fact, it could take superhuman effort to hear the truth because words can get in the way of the real message. Don't force your perspective on anyone else. The solution to the current tension comes from recognizing multiple points of view and allowing them to coexist side by side now without panicking. Practicing unconditional love isn't always easy but it's the best use of your heart. Get Your Complete Cosmic Profile


Weekly Travel

You've got the unique capacity to find (or create) a community wherever you go, particularly as the week begins. Your interest in others and ability to both find common ground and explore differences makes for beautiful connectivity. On a more practical note, watch out for burnout around Wednesday and Thursday. Travel can be exhausting; try a short nap, though, rather than succumbing to odd hours or jet lag (set the alarm!). This weekend, the joys of the road are all around you, and even inevitable delays can't take the inspiration factor away.


Weekly Flirt

Things will be good for you early this week, as long as you remember to stay in the present and really connect with people. It will be too easy for you to be aloof and locked away in your head. By Wednesday, though, you'll probably feel the need to pull back and protect your emotions or your ego -- there is such thing as too much openness. Life is pretty sweet this weekend, and a few new folks might pop into your circle and will end up being keepers.