Aquarius Horoscope

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1/20 - 2/18
This Week  

Weekly Overview

A strange contradiction presents itself on Monday; pursue it, and you may stumble upon a discovery. Experiments and extraordinary strides figure into Tuesday and Wednesday as well -- you feel a bit like a mad scientist making a series of breakthroughs -- but by Thursday you're more careful, taking care and covering the details. You know as well as anyone that oftentimes things are not as they seem. Keep this in mind on Friday. And this weekend, someone who seems to have little to do with your life will tell you a story you find endlessly fascinating. Amazing what you can learn from other people.

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Daily Overview

With everything happening so fast today, you may feel like you're running just to keep up. If you're noticing a lot of small misunderstandings with other people, it might be best to take a step back from the situation and deal with it another day, when your mind isn't clouded with so many thoughts.
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Make sure your baby finds new ways to be creative today. They might hold a finger painting party, or perhaps chant rounds of their favorite nursery rhymes with their friends. It's more fun when the whole gang is involved.



Try to let go of fixed ideas -- this is one of those days when you can see them for what they really are. You feel a bit torn up, but you can still figure out a way to get past this phase.



Your creativity may be compromised today as your mind seems blocked. But deadlines demand that you unclog that logjam pronto, so do what you can to stoke the mental fires. The glucose in fruit will do just that, and a few slices of mango or pineapple could get the hamster back on the wheel.



Keep an eye out for bonuses of all kinds: They're awesome. Consider free gifts and deluxe samples at the makeup counters, two-fers at the department store, or even free tips and advice from your stylist.


Daily Home and Garden Scope

The heady aroma of coffee is a scent you love, even though you prefer to drink tea. Grinding coffee beans so your morning guests can enjoy a fresh cup of Joe, entices you to skip the herb tea for a caffeine rush. It will be a busy day for friendship.


Daily Green Scope

When eco-friendly meets innovation, the possibilities are endless. That creativity is bubbling over, so put it to good use. Reusing those zip-top bags is not only easy on your pocketbook, it's great for the planet. The difficult part isn't in the washing, it's the drying. Make yourself a plastic-bag drying rack. Fill a deep-ish bowl or cup with uncooked rice. Shove a few (or many) skewers into the rice, and voila! It's ready to go. Simply place the bag over the sticks and let it dry.


Daily Gay Scope

Today you'll be called on to make or build something you've never made before. Don't be shy about asking for another person's help -- but don't discount your own creative ideas. Your fresh perspective is an advantage.


Daily Lesbian Scope

Major power shifts and struggles will occur today. You will have problems with folks above you. Meanwhile, certain people are resentful of your position. Try to be fair to everyone, whether it's your boss or the mailman.


Weekly Travel

What you think you know gets all shook up on the road Monday and Tuesday -- in the best possible way. Be ready to jettison your expectations, mix up your ideas and discover the extraordinary. Business travelers should make sure their i's are dotted and t's are crossed from Wednesday through Friday; those traveling for fun and mind expansion will need to mind the little details as well. Expose yourself to the most unusual stuff possible this weekend. Something (or someone) you don't think you'll like could be the best experience of all.


Weekly Flirt

Your thoughts will be stuck in the past a little more than usual early this week, and it might affect more than one of your relationships -- but not in any kind of permanent way. A little flexibility will help, but it'll be hard. Time with loved ones on Thursday or Friday could be a little edgy, but still enjoyable as long as you keep from opening any old wounds and teasing anyone, no matter how much they deserve it. A big-time connection hits you over the weekend, and it will be as hot as it is surprising. There'll be some serious brainpower involved.



There's no easy way to get around today's problems -- you are just going to have to compromise with another cat or with one of the humans. Nobody's perfectly satisfied, though it's good enough.



Pack mentality is not all bad. You and your buddies could get a lot done if you stopped struggling and started working together. Imagine how far you could dig if you worked as a team?