Christmas kissing tips for under the mistletoe

Christmas kissing tips for under the mistletoe Christmas kissing tips for under the mistletoe

Smudged lipstick

So you’ve just kissed Terrence, the office perv, in the copy room and have now sobered up enough to realize that you’ve made a big, fat mistake. Not wanting your copy romance to become fodder for your colleague’s coffee-break gossip, you need to make sure this is kept a secret. How? Well, the prep work begins before your night out.

When applying your lip makeup use a lip pencil to fill in your lips and use a little lip gloss rather than lipstick to finish. This will ensure that your makeup stays on your lips and is not smeared over your face during your kissing fest.

Pout perfection

Get pout perfection by making sure you look after your lips in the lead up to Christmas. You should get a little lip care routine sorted and always exfoliate your lips every other day. To do this knock up a simple lip exfoliator scrub, using olive oil and sugar. Rub the mixture in circles over your lips using either your fingers or your toothbrush. You will also need a decent lip balm to keep those lips smooth and kissable. Also be aware that foods that make you lick your lips will cause them to dry out, so try to avoid these foods during December.

When is the moment right?

Knowing when the time is right to go in for the kiss can be tricky. The problem is you will never know for certain if the other person wants what you want unless they actually tell you, yet you can look out for one or two signs. If the other person keeps looking you in the eye, touches you frequently and touches their lips, then they may want to lock lips with you under the mistletoe. If you’re feeling really nervous remember that elephants, chimps and foxes kiss (in their own animal ways) and if they can do it, so can you.

Slow it down

To impress under the mistletoe, start off slow. Open your mouth a little and begin with small kisses. A good kiss builds, so don’t be shy if you feel like pulling back a little. When you do pull back look into their eyes for a second or even two before pulling them back in for more kissing action. This will not only help you to hike up the other person’s anticipation, it will also show them that you are confident and into them. Once you’ve pulled back once or twice and have now been kissing for a little while, you can go in for longer smooches using a wider mouth.

Give them goosebumps

Do you think that passion and chemistry only happen during a kiss because two people who are compatible and destined to be together forever? Well, you’d be wrong. Chemistry and passion are easy to create once you know how. To give them goosebumps you need to think about the rest of your body during your kiss, not just your lips. To turn up the heat bring your hips together, run your hands up their back, through their hair and, if you’re feeling brave, give their behind a little squeeze. Exploring whilst you kiss will make the kiss hot and steamy, and chances are they’ll still be thinking about your smooch come New Year’s Eve.


Kissing does not have to be a silent affair and, although you don’t want to be as vocal as you might be when you’re getting it on in bed, a little noise goes along way. This works especially well for women. As you pull back from the kiss, give a soft little sigh, similar to the noise you might make if you’d just sat down after a long day on the sofa with a hot cup of tea. A sigh like this will send bolts of excitement through the other person’s body and take your kiss rating from a 4/10 to an 8/10. For the guys, although a sigh of contentment works just as well, go for a slightly deeper pitch to man-up your post-kiss noise. Read more on
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