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What women look for in a condo: Single women taking over Canadian condo market

Women look for decidedly different things than men when shopping for a condo. (Thinkstock)Move over bachelor pad, and make way for the lady condo!

A new report in the Globe and Mail reveals that young single women are taking up an increasing share of the new condo market — up to one third of all sales in some cities — and developers are tailoring their designs to give solo female buyers exactly what they’re looking for in a new bachelorette home.

So what do women want in a brand new condo?

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A great location: The Globe reports that female buyers will often prioritize the neighbourhood ahead of qualities like square footage. There’s safety in living in an established neighbourhood, and there are also restaurants, groceries stores, and cafes.

Security: Developers report that women like having a concierge in the building, and good lighting around the building and in the underground parking.

Closet space: Yes, it’s a stereotype, but apparently it’s true. Women want spectacular walk-in closets. Relegating extra storage in the basement is no longer an acceptable option. One condo even had a closet that connects directly to the bathroom.

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An awesome gym: Amenities like gyms can be a big selling point for women. In the past, these spaces were often tucked in the basement. Now they frequently get top billing on upper floors with fabulous views and natural light. Some even offer fancy exercise classes popular with women, like Zumba.

Design choices: Developers are focusing more on creating a consistent design aesthetic throughout the suite, offering buyers more options in new builds on things like kitchen counter tops.

Put this all together and what do you get? The slow death of the man cave.  

Watch the video below for a report from this summer about a luxury condo boom in Miami. 


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