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Utah police ‘ticket’ little girl’s Barbie Jeep

Parents, it's never too early to teach your little ones the rules of the road.

In American Fork, Utah, a friendly neighbourhood cop recently ticketed a young girl's bubblegum-pink "Barbie Jeep."

The citation was made out to the owner: Barbie.

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After driving around the neighbourhood, seven-year-old Autumn and her sister abandoned the pink vehicle in the street, blocking a neighbour's driveway.

While the violation would usually result in a towing, the officer simply moved the Jeep off the street and parked it behind Autumn's father's car in the family driveway.

"I came out of the garage. I noticed that the Jeep was parked in an unpopular place right behind my vehicle," Autumn's dad says of discovering the ticket. "And so, I got out and noticed that there was an abandoned vehicle tag on it."

"This is definitely my favourite ticket that I have received," he adds.

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There was no actual fine accompanying the ticket. It was just a friendly reminder to Autumn and her sister to keep their toys off the road.

Autumn tells reporters that she learned her lesson and will be parking her Jeep where it belongs from now on: in the garage.

"We would hope that people would appreciate the fact that we're there in their neighbourhood and we're looking out for them and their property," an officer tells CNN.

Barbie recently got a makeover! Check out the video below to see her transform into an RCMP officer.

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