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Tim Hortons marriage proposal: Woman gets Roll Up the Rim surprise

Jeff Chapman proposed to his girlfriend with this Roll Up the Rim surprise. (Twitter)Jeff Chapman proposed to his girlfriend with this Roll Up the Rim surprise. (Twitter)This year’s Roll Up the Rim prizes from Tim Hortons include one of 40 Toyota RAV4s and one of 1000 shiny Napoleon Gourmet Grills.

But you can bet that Jaimie Baisley is the only customer whose winning cup landed her a beautiful new engagement ring.

The 36-year-old Etobicoke, Ont. woman’s now-fiancé, Jeff Chapman, rigged the famous red cup to ask for her hand in marriage – a prize that makes an entire fleet of SUVs seem rather dull in comparison.

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Here’s how he pulled it off.

As Baisley tells, she was fast asleep on Saturday morning when Chapman,  a 37-year-old financial planner, walked into her bedroom with two steaming cups of Tim Hortons coffee.

Baisley, a Timmys fan, has been dating Chapman for a year, ample time for him to learn her love of the Canadian brew.

So when Baisley rolled up the rim of her own cup and came out with her twelfth straight loss, Chapman suggested she take his cup and give it another try.

“My boyfriend then told me to roll up the rim on his coffee cup as we were watching TV,” Baisley tells the media company. “It looked like he already rolled it up, so I wasn’t expecting anything.”

He had rolled it up, but for good reason. Chapman had modified the cup to read: “Will you marry me?” underneath the rim.

“I was shocked,” says Baisley of Chapman’s unconventional proposal, adding that he followed it up with something a little more traditional: “Then Jeff then got down on one knee and proposed,” she adds.

Baisley admits to Huffington Post Canada that she’d recently been anticipating a proposal from Chapman and imagined he’d pop the question during a meal or weekend trip.

But that was how Chapman knew he had to throw her off, and came up with the idea of taping the winning words to the doctored cup because, as he says, "I wanted to guarantee her the biggest win of all."

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A delighted Baisley then did what any modern day bride-to-be would do: She took a few photos and tweeted about it.

“My proposal! Good job, honey!” she wrote above a three-image montage of the cup and her beautiful new rock.

Naturally, her tweet caught the attention of Tim Hortons social media staff, who couldn’t pay for this type of PR with a million prepaid Mastercards.

They publicly expressed their delight, prompting the story to grow a million Twitter legs.

Naturally, Baisley’s friends have jumped in to urge the chain to cater the wedding with an endless supply of Timbits.

“I’d like the Timbits, but a Tim Hortons-themed wedding? Errr…Probably not. But if they want to pay for a regular wedding, I certainly won’t say ‘no,’” she admits.

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Love. Coming soon to a theatre near you. 

Watch the video below for a hilarious marriage proposal that didn't exactly go as planned. 

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