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Ten-year-old boy calls 911 to avoid bedtime

If your kid hates bedtime as much as this kid, just be thankful he/she has never called the police over it. (ABC screen grab)If your kid hates bedtime as much as this kid, just be thankful he/she has never called the police over it. (ABC …The fact that kids hate bedtime is no surprise.

But ten-year-old Dan Davis of Brockton, Massachusetts hates it so much he felt the need to call emergency services on Wednesday evening to report his mother. The boy's complaint: he did not want to go to bed.

After Dan dialled 911 at around 8 p.m. he immediately hung up. Following protocol, a dispatcher called back.

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His mother Shamayne Rosario, 34, took the opportunity to teach Dan lesson.

"If he's monopolizing time by calling 911 when there's no emergency, what could happen to the next person who really needs that officer there," she tells CBS Boston. "That's the point I want him to know."

Enterprise News reports that an officer visited the house to see if everything was okay -- and explained to the fourth-grader when it is and isn't appropriate to call 911.

"[The officer] was going to just leave without talking to my son, but I said to him, 'Can you please speak with my son about the importance' — that this can be a learning lesson instead of just being, okay the police came out and that was it. I said, 'Make this a learning experience for him,'" says Rosario.

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Dan recites his 911 lesson to CBS Boston, "You only use the phone for an emergency, like a car crash, somebody hurting you, a fire."

No charges were filed. And Rosario emphasizes that her son will spend the next two weeks grounded.

"They need to know that there’s boundaries and responsibilities they need to uphold, no matter how old they are," Rosario tells Enterprise News.

Rosario believes the media attention surrounding the call will ensure her son doesn't threaten to call the cops again.

"This is a lot for him," she says. "I believe he's not going to do that again."

What strategies do your kids use to avoid that dreaded bedtime?

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