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TapTap device connects couples through vibrating wristbands

The TapTap bracelet lets couples communicate through vibrations. (Photo: Woodenshark.)The TapTap bracelet lets couples communicate through vibrations. (Photo: Woodenshark.)

Imagine communicating with your loved one or friend from miles away without uttering a sound or texting a message on your phone. Sounds like something out of a James Bond film, right?

A New York City start-up is bringing that reality to life with new high-tech communication devices called TapTap. The pair of vibrating wristbands allows couples to stay constantly connected by simply tapping  the device -- the vibration is then transmitted to the other wristband to relay private messages.

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"People can create their own language," Woodenshark founder Dmitry Gorilovsky explains to Mashable. "We are testing TapTap with our close circles like friends and family and some couples they use just two or three different ways of tapping each other with different meanings. Like, one tap 'I am missing you' and several taps in a row 'just take a look at your phone or check something, I'm writing.'"

The wristbands, which cost $130 USD ($135.58 Cdn) for one pair, work through an app that connects to the users' emails and are compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled Android phone and iPhone 4s or higher.

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The company's founder says the idea behind TapTap was to create a totally private mode of communication between couples.

"We've decided to go post-social and make TapTap communications very private," says Gorilovsky.

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Woodenshark's Kickstarter campaign is seeking funding for their TapTap wristbands, which will only become a reality if the company reaches its $130,000 USD funding goal by Nov. 22. So far, it has raised $76,866 USD.

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