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Straight men respond to ‘Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends’ video

Last week, in a video gone viral, College Humor released "Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends". The video pokes light-fun of Americans who do not support gay marriage by suggesting that gay men will marry all the straight women, leaving straight men with few options for love.

Now this week, in response to the original College Humor video, straight men have responded with their own video: "Please. Do that."

"Go ahead," the straight guys challenge, "Marry our girlfriends. 'Cause we're not going to."

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Scotch Tape Productions have created their own video full of equally funny stereotypes, which suggest straight guys don't mind if straight girls are taken away.

Rick Lundgren of Scotch Tape Productions writes in an email to Yahoo! Shine Canada:

"We saw that you had posted the original College Humor Video 'Gay Guys Will Marry Your Girlfriends' on your Yahoo! blog. Well, as fate would have it, we have just submitted our hat into the ring as the first response from straight males. It's all in good fun and for the sake of comedy," 

Scotch Tape's tongue-in-cheek response is a little more crass, playing into chauvinism stereotypes as College Humor did with homosexual stereotypes.

"We're allowed to get married — and we still don't want to."

But at least College Humor has achieved its objective by earning same-sex marriage support from Scotch Tape Productions.

"By all means, if you think this will help speed up the process, let's give this a try. You have our support."

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The latest "pick on straight men" strategy seems to be a relatively new one in attempting to use humour to gain support for same-sex marriage laws in the U.S.

Another example of this can be found through the tongue-and-cheek campaign of Heterosexual Awareness Month in July. The Facebook group for the campaign suggests that it "helps" heterosexuals come out of the closet.

Similarly, a liberal Republican in New Hampshire sponsored an amendment to the traditional marriage bill banning left-handed people from tying the knot.

"I'm using humor to make a point," Cohn says to a traditional marriage supporter. "And when I get up there, believe me, there will be a point made. I'm trying to sway people's opinions and using humour is one way to do it."

College Humor and Scotch Tape Productions agree on more than just the benefits of gay man/straight woman marriage: humour unites us all. 

Watch the video below about how earlier this year supporters of same-sex marriage protested the U.S. fast-food chain Chick-Fil-A.

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