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New show ‘Extreme Cougar Wives’ brings trash to a whole new level

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So our friends at TLC, a network that long ago strayed from the lofty purpose its name implies (it's The Learning Channel, people), have come up with yet another opportunity for humans of little talent to snatch their 15 minutes of fame, with at least a few of those minutes taking place in a hot tub.

This time, it's "Extreme Cougar Wives", a one-time special that will air on November 25 at 10 p.m. The show follows the dating escapades of three older women as they navigate the treacherous waters that come with dating a much younger man.

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There's Hattie, who is "a young 76", and has a very active sex life, according to Radar. She'll be flirting it up with 25-year-old Andrew, whom she meets poolside, in an encounter we're totally sure was not scripted.

Stephanie is 56 and dating 28-year-old Octavio, whose friends are mean to her, and 53-year-old Jude can be seen crying in the preview clip as 21-year-old boyfriend Kevin's family yells at him about their age difference. Oh yeah, and Kevin used to date Jude's daughter.

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The show seems to revolve around other people being a bit freaked out by the age disparities, and in defence of those freaked out people, these are extreme examples of cougarism — the smallest age gap is 28 years.

But ultimately, when the couples are referred to as "disgusting" by onlookers (see video above), you have to wonder what the reaction would be if it was the man who was older, or if it would even be a show at all.

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