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Real-life Ken doll spends almost $100,000 on plastic surgery


Justin Jedlica, 32, has spent about $100,000 on almost 100 surgeries in his quest to become a living Ken doll.

The New York City man's quest for doll-like perfection started when he was 18 and has subsequently earned him a certain level of fame for his plastic-surgery obsession. This time, an appearance on daytime talk show The Doctors put him back in the headlines.

Watch an excerpt from the episode here. And more photos of him here.

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"I've always been into plastic surgery because it's an extension of me being creative," Jedlica says during the interview, acknowledging that he's had five nose jobs, augmentations to his cheeks, lips, buttocks and chin. He's even had pec implants, giving him an almost cartoonish physique.

Oddity Central has a photo of Jedlica as his handsome, pre-Ken, surgery-free self.

The hosts of The Doctors pointed out that Jedlica, who calls himself "NYC's #1 plastic surgery junkie" on Instagram, is extremely lucky to have avoided any major complications thus far, considering the high number of surgeries he's had, and warned that his implants may deteriorate over time.

"I'm willing to accept these risks but I don't think anything worthwhile in life comes without taking risks," Jedlica defends himself. "It's like asking Picasso not to paint!"

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Earlier this fall, the wannabe living doll was asked about Valerie Lukyanova, the self-proclaimed Barbie doll who says she's spent $800,000 on her look.

"I do find her beautiful," he says in an email to Huffington Post. "[But] it appears to me that much of her look is added makeup, fake hair and 'slimming' corsets...Drag queens have put on the same illusions with makeup and costumes for years."

That's right: Ken doesn't find Barbie real enough.

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