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Pilot fakes plane crash in crazy wedding proposal

It's seems that these days it's not a marriage proposal if doesn't completely terrify the bride-to-be.

You may recall the crazy Russian fellow who just a few weeks ago faked his own gruesome car accident death, only to spring back to life and pop the question to his horrified girlfriend, who for some reason said yes.

Not to be outdone, an American pilot came up with his own proposal stunt, and this one involved faking a mid-air emergency so that his girlfriend feared for her own life. Thompson was considerate enough to film the whole thing and post it on YouTube, where it's has received over a million hits.

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Pilot Ryan Thompson took his unsuspecting girlfriend Carlie on a fun afternoon flight, when suddenly a few minutes in the equipment appears to stop functioning mid-air.

"Honey, I need you to stay calm. The flight controls aren't responding," Thompson says.

Carlie's face goes cold as she reads out the emergency procedures to him.

"Rudder pressure, determine controllability, auto pilot…" and then, at the bottom, "Note: rings may be engaged. If needed, conduct ring engagement procedure."

She reads it out loud to him but has clearly not clued in.

"Ring engagement procedure: determine if he is a good mate. Note: he will always love and honour you. Will you marry me?"

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It's at that moment that Carlie finally realizes she's not going to die, but instead will be getting married! The ring comes out, and tears of joy — relief? — ensue.

"So there was no emergency?" She says between kisses and tears. "Nah, I whipped that checklist up last night," he replies.

"Well, you got me!" says Carlie. She must have been really terrified, and the caption of the video sums it up nicely: "She though she was dying but ended up with a ring!" Awww.
Watch the YouTube video of the proposal below.

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