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Pickle-flavoured candy canes? Novelty product leads the pack of strange Christmas treats

The pickle candy canes (Courtesy of Archie McPhee)

It used to be that fruitcake took the top prize when it came to least palatable Christmas foods — a designation that some fruitcake purists argue is wholly undeserved.

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But that was before Archie McPhee & Co. decided to get creative with their candy cane flavours.

The Seattle-based novelty shop is offering an unconventional series of the popular holiday treat, with pickle flavour leading the pack of weird.

And no, the idea wasn't co-conceived by Snooki. Archie McPhee is famous for its outside-the-jar approach to run-of-the-mill items.

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Take its pickle candy cane story, for instance.

"On Christmas Eve, Santa Pickle gets into his barrel and rolls around the world delivering pickled vegetables to all the good boys and girls. That's right, it's Santa Pickle! In the spirit of his briny generosity, we present our dill-flavored Pickle Candy Canes. They are a beautiful Christmas green color that pairs perfectly on your tree next to the regular red candy canes."

Though it's hard to imagine anyone willingly consuming one of these sour snacks, they're likely purchased for the reactions they provoke in unsuspecting recipients.

If anyone's in on the joke, it's Archie McPhee. "Hang on the tree for a briny surprise," reads the candy's official description.

Pickles not your thing? You may want to try the company's bacon candy canes instead, which now come in jumbo size if the regular 5-1/4"-fare doesn't satisfy your craving.

Depending on your tolerance for chemicals, these may not even be the grossest candy cane items out there.

Last Christmas, Polar seltzer put out a series of holiday-themed sodas with Candy Cane proving the least predictable.

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As if they weren't already sweet enough, imagine consuming the sugary sticks in liquid form. Particularly since the seltzers are calorie and sugar-free, meaning the sweetness comes laden with an extra dash of artificial.

Has all this talk of creepy candy canes put you off the treat altogether? Fruitcake may not be looking so bad anymore… even in mint form.


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