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For the love of the phone: Canadians would choose their smartphones over sports and coffee, survey finds

Canadians would give up a lot for their smartphones (ThinkStock)

Canadians love their smartphones — and many of them would choose their phones over sports, coffee and TV, a recent WIND Mobile survey of 1,501 Canadian adults claims.

Holiday shoppers take note: 64 per cent of those surveyed aged 18 to 34 said they'd be excited to receive a smartphone this gift-giving season. Only 41 per cent of the 55-plus group felt the same, so shop for mom and dad at the mall's phone kiosk with caution.

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The same age group that hopes to find smartphones under the tree is also willing to give up plenty for their phones. Thirty nine per cent of 18- to 35-year-olds would give up watching sports, 36 per cent would give up coffee, and 27 per cent would even sacrifice dining out over partying with their smartphones.

Many would also ditch their televisions, but considering users can stream video on their smartphones, that's hardly a sacrifice as painful as ditching the caffeine.

The survey isn't the first to look at smartphone users' attachment to their phones.

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This fall, 15 per cent of respondents to a survey claimed they'd rather go without sex for a weekend than give up their iPhone for a few days. (An earlier, more disturbing survey found that 22 per cent of smartphone users would be more willing to give up their toothbrushes for a week than put down their phones — a choice that would likely result in giving up sex, too.)

Four per cent even admitted to having used their iPhone during sex.

Check out the smartphone-addiction infographic here.

In a Meredith Parents Network survey, 12 per cent of "millennial moms" aged 18 to 35 confessed to using their smartphones during sex.

Apparently we just can't let go of our phones.

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What would you give up for your smartphone? Would you at least be able choose your dog over your phone, (something 20 per cent of Canadian men — and 13 per cent of women — wouldn't be able to do.)


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