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Love is crazy expensive: From first date to marriage costs over $43,000

A Canadian financial rate comparison website estimates that people spend over $4,300 for love. (Thinkstock)The newly in love may be too busy inhaling an endless swirl of pheromones and gazing into each other’s eyes to start thinking of their relationship in economic terms.

But if you’ve ever wondered how much your love does cost, the good folks at financial rate comparison website have done all that number crunching for you. They've come up with the average cost of courtship from first date to first step down the aisle.

And the magic figure is… drumroll please… an astonishing $43,842.08.

“To determine love’s perilous price tag, the research team came to a consensus on the basic elements of a modern relationship, then undertook extensive analysis into those hard costs to determine a final tally. Since all relationships are unique, median costs and timelines were used for the calculations,” reads

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Curious as to how it all adds up?

Twelve “fancy dates” (i.e., expensive restaurant, theatre tickets) will run you an average of $160 each, resulting in a $1920 hit to your wallet.

Weekend getaways, let’s say two for the sake of argument, will end up putting an $852.92 dent on your credit card statement.

And that beach vacation will also set you both back a cool $2,000, and that’s if you find a good deal.

His new wardrobe will cost him nearly $1,000. Hey – looking good isn’t cheap.

“Apology flowers” for all the times a cliché is the only way to resolve a major dispute, can be as pricy as $49.95 each. Multiply that by three and you’re hitting the $150 range.

Lather, rinse and repeat for as many years as you’re a non-betrothed couple.

Not to mention, the average engagement ring, according to the infographic, costs around $3,500. An engagement party, even a low-key one, can run around $2,000.

All this is chump change compared to the average Canadian wedding, which costs approximately $22,429 according to a 2012 survey conducted by Wedding Bells magazine.

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While many of you are no doubt rolling your eyes and stretching your typing fingers to spout off angrily in the comments section, keep in mind that the company doesn’t appear to be taking this figure too seriously.

There is, however, an important message hidden behind the decimal points.

"We're having a little fun with this, but all kidding aside, money problems are the most common reason for break ups," says president Kelvin Mangaroo. "It's important for couples to have common financial goals, and to share a strategy for achieving them before committing to a long-term or lifelong relationship."

Naturally, finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with makes the price tag irrelevant, but just in case you were wondering where all those savings went, let’s just say you spent them in good stead. 

Watch the video below about a man who creates a fairytale wedding for his wife on a small budget.

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