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Lady Gaga’s new fragrance Fame is out, and it’s surprisingly normal

Lady Gaga attends the launch of Fame in London, England. (Getty)Lady Gaga's long-awaited debut scent Fame is now on store shelves, and the reviews are decidedly so-so.

Before its release, the pop star said she wanted it to smell like "blood and semen," and that it would have the scent of an "expensive hooker."

In the predictably outrageous print campaign, tiny men in bondage climb all over the Lady's nude body. She also swore the scent itself absolutely had to be black, and the resulting concoction is apparently the first perfume that's noir in the bottle but sprays on clear.

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But despite all the nasty hype, it would appear the perfume has turned out pretty average.

The Globe and Mail describes it as "a sweet and fruity concoction" with "a deliciously trashy undertone" while likened it to "Macy's perfume section but with a little cotton candy in if someone tried to chemically synthesize the smell of candy apples." describes it as "exactly what any long-time watcher of the celebrity fragrance market would have expected it to be: a sweetish fruity floral of no particular distinction." Ouch. 

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If the scent has failed to excite, Lady Gaga has not. For the New York City launch of Fame at the Guggenheim Museum, she appeared inside a giant version of the perfume's alien-like bottle and pretended to sleep while guests reached in a touched her.

And on Monday, less than 24 hours after throwing up three times onstage at a concert in Barcelona, she appeared at the perfume's London U.K. launch in a gold horse-drawn chariot wearing extended claw-like gold gloves and a form-fitting black dress, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

While Gaga looked fierce, her legions of fans were disappointed that she only signed a few autographs for the thousands who had waited hours for her arrival, leaving some pondering whether all the Fame has gone to the Lady's head.

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