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Hasbro will sell ‘gender-neutral’ Easy-Bake Ovens next summer

McKenna Pope has convinced Hasbro to make the colours of their Easy Bake Oven more "gender neutral".

McKenna Pope's determination paid off: Hasbro will be selling a gender-neutral Easy-Bake Oven this coming summer.

Thirteen-year-old McKenna met with Hasbro officials after the company heard about her online petition — with more than 44,000 supporters — to make the kid-friendly ovens available in colours that weren't just pink and purple.

Her mission was to let her 4-year-old brother, Gavyn, know that boys could use Easy-Bake Ovens too.

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"When he asked Santa for his very own Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven, produced by the Hasbro company, for me to help him be the cook he's always wanted to be, my parents and I were immediately convinced it was the truly perfect present," McKenna wrote on "However, we soon found it quite appalling that boys are not featured in packaging or promotional materials for Easy Bake Ovens -- this toy my brother's always dreamed about. And the oven comes in gender-specific hues: purple and pink."

Celebrity chefs showed support for McKenna's gone-viral campaign.

At their meeting with McKenna, Hasbro officials revealed a prototype of the new oven to hit stores shortly. It's black, silver and blue, and should be available on store shelves by next summer.

McKenna tells the Associated Press that the company is complying with her other requests, too, including putting boys in Easy-Bake Oven ads.

"I think that they really met most or even all of what I wanted them to do, and they really amazed me," McKenna tells CBS, adding that her brother thought the new design was "awesome."

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John Frascotti, Hasbro's chief marketing officer, tells CBS that the classic baking toy has had about a dozen different colour schemes over the years, including yellow, green, teal, blue, purple and silver. The pink and purple version was introduced in 2011.

Thanks to his big sister and a toy company that listened to kids' concerns, young Gavyn no longer assumes Easy-Bake Ovens are only for girls.

McKenna tells CBS that the show Inside Edition gave Gavyn his own oven. For Christmas, McKenna plans to give her younger brother cake and pastry mixes.

Watch the video below about the news of McKenna's petition when it first came out. 

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