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‘Harlem Shake’ dancing video: Good example of what to do when mom’s away

"Mom was out, so uhm this happened," cool dad Matt Clard writes on YouTube.

The adorable father-son dance party quickly garnered more than 1 million views on YouTube.

What is the "Harlem Shake"? LA Times' Salvador Rodriguez explains.

"The meme involves a group of people recording themselves in a room while the song 'Harlem Shake' by Baauer, a New York DJ, plays. One person dances in a reserved manner while everyone else goes about their business," he writes. "Then, about 15 seconds into the song, the bass drops and everything changes. In most videos, the camera cuts, and all of a sudden everyone is dancing out of control."

YouTube has become the place to go if you're hoping discover kids' adorable adventures with their dads.

There's a time-lapse of what happens when one father-son duo are left home alone without mama. And also, a dad's interrogation-style interview with his one-year-old boy.

Other cool dads are wearing skirts, decorating lunch bags, and singing about fatherhood — all in the name of great parenting.

What's your favourite gone-viral father-child video?

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