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‘Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends’ video goes viral

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It's a new approach to an old debate -- frightening straight men into supporting gay marriage.

Despite the recent gay rights victories south of the border — Maine, Maryland, Washington and Minnesota, specifically — some states still prohibit gay couples from tying the knot.

College Humor released a hilarious-but-cautionary PSA in response to the ongoing gay-marriage battle: if gay men can't get married to each other, they just might have to marry your girlfriends.

The stereotype-packed video lists compelling evidence as to why gay men make better husbands, including perks like quiche for breakfast, Pinkberry breaks after the gym and dance lessons.

"We know literally all of your weaknesses," the gay men warn the straight men whose girlfriends are at risk of being stolen from them. "If you stay close-minded about all of this, we will take one for the team and marry the crap out of them."

Straight men of America, have been warned.

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