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Furry nail polish is all the rage

Furry nail polish is set to become one of the hottest trends for 2013. (Facebook)Furry nail polish is set to become one of the hottest trends for 2013. (Facebook)Nail art isn't just about colour and design anymore. Texture is hot for 2013, with fuzzy nails set to be the trend of the year, and even spotted at New York Fashion Week.

MUA Makeup Academy recently launched Fur-Effect Nails, a product that makes manicured nails soft and fuzzy to the touch, designed to top wet painted nails.

"Whether you are going for a fun feel or a luxury look, these fluffy textured nails are perfect! The latest on trend nail product — Fur Effect Nail Fluff is a must have!" the cosmetics company hypes.

The product comes in five adorably named shades — Boo Boo Fluff, Fluff & Cuddles, Fluffy Bobbin, Fuzzy Fluff and Fluffy Puff. The names themselves might turn anyone off.

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"This is a very easy fluffy nail art effect and is the latest and very fast developing trend in nail art of late! MUA Fluffy nails have made it much easier than it looks and sounds and with just a pot of basic fluffy nail art powder (flocking powder)," MUA Makeup Academy posts on the company's blog.

The Daily Mail's Kate Faithful-Williams tested the Fluffy Nails with less-than-favourable results.

"The fluff is similar in texture to loft insulation: 100 per cent synthetic and crackling with static. I wait 30 seconds before brushing away any excess, then another 30 seconds before touching. In one long minute, my dressing table is covered in excess fuzz. It sticks to my fingers, exaggerating every crease and crinkle of my knuckles," she writes.

"I may be sporting a youthful, fun-loving nail trend, but I seem to have the gnarly, reddened hands of a 70-something fisherman."

And while the furry nails are waterproof, one blogger warns that makeup can stain them.

"One thing you have to watch out for is makeup. Apply foundation with a brush, as nails will get stained by some makeup and it's difficult to get it off," writes Lana S. of Fashion Fake.

Oh, the price of beauty.

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The Independent's Harriet Walker isn't sold on the trend either.

"Each to their own, but the blue one looks like you've covered your nails in the Cookie Monster's pelt. A brave new world of beauty awaits," she writes.

Blake Lively helped launch the textured-nails trend with a more subtle look at her wedding: velvet nails.

If you're not into the fuzzy look, you can always wait for the next big trend to take off: feather manicures.

Would you try the fuzzy-nail trend? Or would you rather have a smooth surface at your fingertips?

Watch the video below to show you how to get the furry nail look.

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