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Filmmaker Justin Baldoni stages most over-the-top wedding proposal of all time

Baldoni explaining to his girlfriend, actress Emily Foxler, that he is proposing to her.
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Wed, 16 Oct, 2013 1:00 PM EDT
When it comes to proposing to your girlfriend in a restaurant, it's probably not a great idea to show up late.

Unless, of course, you're Justin Baldoni. The 29-year-old Los Angeles actor and filmmaker was almost 30 minutes late for his date with girlfriend and fellow actress Emily Foxler on the night he popped the question, yet he managed to walk away from the night not only with a fiancée, but owning the title of most extravagant marriage proposal ever.

Captured on video [It's almost 30 minutes long; click through our slideshow above for the highlights] and posted to YouTube last week, Baldoni's proposal story starts off simple enough: he calls Foxler and tells her to meet him at the Blu Jam Café in Los Angeles, the restaurant where they had their first date more than a year ago.

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Foxler shows up to find the restaurant empty except for her, the staff and a private candlelit table. A television is set in front of her table and Baldoni shows up on the screen, explaining that he's running a little late.

What follows is a nonstop 27-minute video montage of Baldoni staging a flash mob dance sequence to Bruno Mars' "Marry Me," recreating music videos to the cheesiest 'N Sync and Boyz II Men songs and even donning drag clothes for a "Dancing Queen" number. His reel ends with a classic montage of their precious shared moments caught on video.

For our benefit, Baldoni had hidden cameras installed in the restaurant to capture Foxler's reaction to the video, which is shown in the lower left-hand portion of the YouTube video. And of course, it allows us to watch Baldoni eventually come into the restaurant and bend down on one knee to propose to a teary-eyed Foxler.

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Her response?

"Such a stupid question. Yes."

Baldoni made the video in 10 days with the help of friends and family. He then compiled the footage of his proposal video with footage from the actual proposal caught on hidden cameras, and released it on YouTube last week.

"The people who watched the video told us how much it meant to them to see our love and see all these people come together and all this happiness, so we just wanted to see if we could make people smile," Baldoni tells the Daily Dot.

While Baldoni's over-the-top gesture has some viewers swooning, others are cringing from the cheese factor. Watch the video for yourself and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Watch the video below for another magical marriage proposal!