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Durex launches discreet condom delivery service

It’s a common conundrum. You reach for your designated condom drawer at that critical moment only to realize it’s empty — again.

Well, not to worry, because Mashable is reporting that condoms brand Durex has created their very own condom delivery service dubbed SOS Condoms. Because it’s an emergency, like drowning, see?

Before you go reaching for your smartphone, be warned that the service is currently only available in Dubai. However, there is a section on the apps website that asks people what city they would like to see the delivery service in next.

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SOS condoms launched last week, and promises to deliver condoms within the hour anywhere in Dubai between the hours of 4 p.m. and 4 a.m., which seems to mean those looking for a little afternoon delight are out of luck.

To promote this service, Durex has released a series of ads featuring handsome fellows and their randy dates getting it on in a variety of locales — the couch, a street corner, the front seat of a car.

She asks “Do you have a condom?” He goes on a mad search for one and realizes he doesn’t, and then he goes on his SOS Condoms app or the Durex website and enters his GPS location. The condoms arrive in 60 minutes or less, and judging by the commercial, will be discreetly delivered by a pizza boy, a pair of 70-year-old American tourists, or a cop.

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There are two problems with this ad. One, they’re aimed specifically at men. Who said women aren’t capable or responsible for bringing/ordering condoms? Two, the service is only available in Dubai. What’s a Canadian in need supposed to do?

Fortunately, we’ve got a few of condom delivery services that make it to Canada, but they take a few days to arrive, by which time the critical moment may have passed.

Nevertheless, services like Lucky Bloke, which delivers boxes of condoms in nondescript packaging worldwide, can at least save you the embarrassment of running into your neighbours while stocking up on “ribbed for her pleasure” domes. 

Watch the video below about Winnipeg's campaign last fall to promote condom use among teens.  

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