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Cow Wow Cereal Milk gives you all the flavour of cereal-infused milk… without the actual cereal

Don't want to actually eat that pesky cereal? Try this cereal-flavoured milk! (Cow Wow Cereal Milk)Don't want to actually eat that pesky cereal? Try this cereal-flavoured milk! (Cow Wow Cereal Milk)Skip the cereal and go straight for the cereal-flavoured milk. Or don’t. Just know that it’s now an option.

The latest entry on the long list of things that probably didn’t need to be invented but were anyway: Cow Wow Cereal Milk. It's pretty much what it sounds like: Cow juice engineered to taste like all your favourite sugary cereal brands.

Because why bother with consuming solids when you get the best part of the cereal-eating process (i.e., the bottom of the bowl once all the cereal dissolves into a sweet mass of sugar-milk) in a convenient carton?

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Flavours include most of the sweet delights you begged your mom for when you were a kid and never got, because she knew better than to hand you a bowl full of straight-up glucose.

Chocolate chip and a Froot Loops-inspired blend are the two available tastes at the moment, but the Cow Wow website hints at future delights to come, like Cinny Minny (for all you Cinnamon Toast Crunch die-hards out there, present company included), Peanut Butter Bessie and Frosted Francine, whose milk would appear to make Tony the Tiger proud.

But the product’s looks may be deceiving. A breakdown of Cow Wow’s nutritional value reveals that the milk is actually healthier than it sounds.

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Though it has a higher total carbohydrate count than regular 1% milk and six grams of added sugar, the cereal milk also boasts higher protein, potassium and calcium levels than plain milk. According to their website, the 100 per cent organic, low-fat milk is also enriched with nine vitamins and minerals.

It’s probably wise to stick to breakfast items you can chew, but Cow Wow does deserve credit for avoiding what could have easily been a blood-sugar asteroid, like most other child-targeted drinks out there.

In the meantime, Canadian moms and dads, the product is currently only available in California, so no need to shield your children’s eyes as you stroll by the dairy section of the supermarket.

Just make sure they’re always internet supervised, because as of February any set of tiny fingers can order a few cartons of the stuff on Amazon.

Watch the video below about a breakfast cereal you can drink.
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