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Couple ties the knot in bacon-themed wedding

Do you love bacon? Not nearly as much as Adrienne Dunvan and Eddie Quinones.

Yes, this San Diego, Calif. couple loves bacon -- so much, in fact, that they made it the theme of their wedding.

Adrienne Dunvan and Eddie Quinones cut their bacon-sprinkled wedding cake. (Big Bite Bacon Fest)That's right, due to their mutual love of pork shoulder, the lucky couple won a contest to be married at the Big Bite Bacon Fest at the San Diego County Fair in a bacon-themed ceremony.

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What was included in this theme? A bacon bouquet, a bacon boutonniere, guests tossing bacon bits instead of rice, a wedding cake with bacon and of course, an oversized maple donut sprinkled with bacon.

See more photos from their wedding here. Delicious? Disgusting? You be the judge.

The newlyweds also received a free five-night honeymoon in Baltimore where they will be given VIP access to the annual Pigtown Festival.

Sound like a dream? Maybe not. But they are not the first couple to have a bacon-themed wedding.

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"Big Brother" star Adam Poch married longtime girlfriend Fara Herzfeld this April in a bacon love fest, complete with pigs in a blanket and bacon wrapped fillets.

And then there is Chuck who proposed to his girlfriend with heart shaped bacon and a ring in the centre. Smooth, very smooth.

What's the weirdest wedding theme you've ever heard of? Let us know in the comments below.