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‘Camp Gyno’ gives advice to tween girls in funny tampon ad

The Camp Gyno commercial for HelloFlo is receiving media praise for a breakthrough in tampon advertising. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill tampon ad, it has struck a chord among women who are all too familiar with the awkward and embarrassing phase of puberty.

Who is the Camp Gyno? She's a tween girl at camp who is one of the first among her friends to get her period, and she makes this fact painfully known to her camp friends by acting like a know-it-all. She is the quintessential tough-love type, doling out insults and empathy in tandem to other menstruation newbies.

“For these campers, I’m their Joan of Arc,” the young actress states in the commercial while sitting in her log cabin at camp. “It’s like I’m Joan, and their vag is the arc.”

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The Camp Gyno commercial has gone viral since being posted on YouTube on July 28, receiving more than two million views.

“The tone is very realistic,” HelloFlo founder Naama Bloom tells ABC. “The ‘Camp Gyno’ rises to this position of power, and she gets kind of mean, but you still need to love her, because we wanted her to be relatable."

Bloom's business is slightly different from most tampon companies. She sells a “Period Starter Kit” intended for adults to buy for the young women in their families before they get their periods. In addition to a variety of tampons and pads, the kit includes lip balm, nail polish and a pouch to slip into a backpack.

“Why not make this more fun and less of a chore you don’t look forward to? Why not celebrate it a little more?” says Bloom.

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In the commercial, the Camp Gyno girl becomes mad that all the camp girls are getting these helpful period kits in the mail from their families and no longer need her stellar advice. It's a bruise that her ego can't handle.

“The whole camp started getting care packages in the mail with tampons and panty liners and candy, all perfectly timed for their cycle,” exclaims Camp Gyno. “It’s like Santa, for your vagina!”

What are you thoughts on the Camp Gyno commercial? Are you happy to see menstruation being portrayed in a funny way?

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