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Cadbury invents chocolate that doesn’t melt

Cadbury has invented a chocolate that doesn't melt even at 40 degrees Celsius. (Thinstock) It's the holy grail of confectionery: a tasty chocolate that doesn't melt in the heat.

It seems the folks over at Cadbury have cracked that nut, as they recently applied for a patent for a "temperature-tolerant chocolate" that won't melt — even at 40C.

The new super chocolate was achieved by reducing the amount of fat in the mix while maintaining flavour and mouthfeel, reports British newspaper The Mirror. Scientists found a way to break the sugar particles into smaller pieces, reducing the amount of fat needed to coat them.

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The change will be implemented in something called the "conching step", a period in the chocolate-making process during which a container filled with metal beads grinds the ingredients together.

Grind it together and what do you get? A magical chocolate bar that won't melt, even when you leave it outside in 40C weather for three hours — at least that's what the company has claimed in its epic 8000 word patent application for the new heat-proof chocolate.

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While this is likely welcome news for those of you who regularly find yourselves simultaneously basking in the sun and chowing down on a Dairy Milk, you might want to consider the intense chemical engineering of a substance that will eventually be chewed and swallowed.

Chemical engineering aside, all of you Canucks chomping at the bit to get your hands on Cadbury's new invention, might just have to sit tight for a while.

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According to the Mirror, they're only planning on releasing the chocolate in countries with consistently hot climates like Brazil and India. Apparently, countries that are constantly the butt of "OMG it's so cold there!" jokes are not at the top of the no-melt chocolate list.

It would seem that whoever is calling the shots at Cadbury has never been to Winnipeg in July

Watch the video below about the health benefits of chocolate.   

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