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    Katy Perry is never one to shy away with her clothing choices (for a Super Bowl press conference on Thursday she sported a football-themed two-piece outfit) — or her makeup. Whether it’s candy-coloured eyeshadow (and hair!) or a bold, ’50s bombshell red lip, the 30-year-old singer manages to pull off pretty much any look. If you want to steal Perry’s best looks but don’t have a makeup artist on hand (sigh), we enlisted CoverGirl makeup pro Veronica Chu to give us the inside scoop on how to recreate five of her most popular looks at home.

    Will you be watching Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show on Feb. 1? What do you think she’ll wear? Let us know in the comments.

    LOOK #1: Soft and pretty

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    "I love this look, because it has the right hints of colour in all the right places," says Chu.

    To recreate this look, first define the eyes with a black gel eyeliner keeping the liner close to the lash line. Finish the eyes with two coats of a lengthing and volumizing mascara.

    "For the first coat,

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  • This week, POPSUGAR offered a solution to a very common food headache: stale artisanal and homemade bread.

    (I don’t know about you, but my homemade bread is usually rock-hard by the end of day two.)

     Thinkstock Thinkstock
    Instead of throwing the whole loaf into the freezer, POPSUGAR’s Nicole Perry suggests slicing up the still-fresh leftover loaf — within the first 24 hours of first cutting into it — and arranging those slicing on a baking sheet lined with parchment or wax paper. Freeze the bread, uncovered, until it’s frozen solid. Once frozen, transfer the break slices to an air-tight resealable freezer bag.

    Whenever you need a slice or two of bread, take what you need from the freezer and let it thaw, or just toast them from frozen. The bread will be almost as good as if it was fresh — and certainly better than dry second-day bread.

    POPSUGAR’s helpful hack got us thinking: what other bread hacks do we need in our carb-loving arsenal?

    Bread hack: Revive stale bread with ice cubes

    Courtesy Real SimpleCourtesy Real Simple

    This trick from Real

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  • The popular idiom “kill two birds with one stone,” is the mantra for today.

    With that saying in mind, let’s discuss beauty products. As women, many of us get a kind of sick thrill from buying and hoarding lipsticks, moisturizers and nail polishes. We hate to admit it but our beauty stashes can get out of control with items we really don’t need. And while you may think you need everything — I’m here to tell you that you don’t.

    While some products are marketed to resolve one specific beauty issue, you might be surprised to learn that many inexpensive beauty products we know and love possess secondary hidden talents. Replacing two products with one that can do multiple jobs sounds pretty enticing, doesn’t it?



    Good old Vaseline has been around for decades, but there’s much more to this product than meets the eye.

    Vaseline, or any petroleum jelly for that matter, is capable of adding volume to your lashes, loosening lash glue, as well as healing sunburns and disguising split ends.

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