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  • Tired of your glasses constantly slipping down your nose? There's a wax for that.

    Nerdwax is a new product currently in development -- a blend of organic beeswax and coconut oil in a lip balm-sized tube -- designed to be applied to the pads of your eyeglasses so they don't slip down your nose.

    Nerdwax can help stop your glasses from sliding down your nose. (Image via Kickstarter)

    Entrepreneur Don Hejny, an audio engineer from Nashville, Tennessee, was inspired to create the special wax after watching a musician on stage constantly adjust her glasses.

    "I remember after that show calling my wife and being like 'I just had the most amazing idea,'" Hejny tells Mashable.

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    Hejny experiences his own frustrations with slipping eyeglasses, which constantly move around while he packs and unpacks audio equipment.

    "I know that there are so many people just like me out there who feel the same frustration but have no solution," Hejny tells Mashable.

    So he took matters into his own hands -- quite literally -- and spent four years

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  • Fiddlehead ferns are a foraging foodie's dream. (Thinkstock)

    Any day now, the unfurled fronds of the wild ostrich fern will begin their dramatic ascent from beneath the marshes, swamps and forests of New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec to greet the eager hands of foraging foodies.

    The edible fern, which gets its name for its striking resemblance to the head of a fiddle, is a rare delicacy, prized for its stunning shape, delicate flavour and brief availability.

    And while fiddleheads only come but once a year (and their harvesting time is limited to just a few weeks), the reward is well worth the wait. Their flavour is often compared to that of asparagus, but any fiddlehead fan will tell you it's so much more than that -- think grassy, earthy and delicately sweet. In other words, the embodiment of spring.

    Here's everything you need to know about these precious little springtime gems:


    Fiddleheads generally start to sprout mid to late April and into early May -- their window of availability is short, so as soon as they start popping up,

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  • If you're worried that a rose corsage just isn't special enough for your prom date, maybe it's time to consider…chicken?

    Just make sure your date's not a vegetarian.

    KFC is helping prom dates stand out (and smell the best) with its limited-edition chicken corsage.

    For $20, online shoppers will receive a kit from Nanz & Kraft, a Louisville, Kentucky-based florist — local buyers will receive corsages with fresh baby's breath, out-of-towners will get silk versions — that includes a $5 KFC gift card to cover the cost of whichever drumstick you think will best match your date's dress: Original Recipe, Extra Crispy or Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

    Just add chicken, and you've got the corsage of a grease-lovers' dreams.

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    There are only 100 of these corsages available — "Just like the last piece of chicken in the bucket, when they're gone, they're gone," KFC warns — but it probably won't take long until Pinterest will be offering some DIY instructions for

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