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    Mariana Brussoni fondly recalls when she was a kid growing up in urban Calgary, Alta. in the late ‘70s and ‘80s that she and her pals would go down and play near the Bow River, collecting garter snakes. They would often just hang out by the river, throwing rocks in the water, cycling along the path and lying in the sun.

    These days, if someone saw children picking up snakes near a river they might call child services and/or the police. This change in parental attitudes towards free play is not necessarily good for our kids, says the lead author of a study that was recently published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

    The study was a systematic review of 21 relevant papers and found that children who participated in "risky" physical activity such as climbing and jumping, rough and tumble play and exploring alone, displayed greater physical and social health.

    Brussoni, an assistant professor in the University of British Columbia’s School of

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    I’m not trying to rain on the patio parade, but sometimes what starts out as a tame happy hour basking in the sun can turn into a few hours of diet sabotage followed by basking in immense guilt. One drink turns into two, which quickly turns into five, and that salad you intended to order quickly gets replaced with handfuls of communal nachos and an order of a half a dozen wings at last call. Nothing to be ashamed of…it happens to the best of us. But we shouldn’t have to banish summertime cocktail sessions in order to preserve our waistlines. There are a few ways we can hit the deck and protect our diets all at the same time.

    Pre-eating is the new pre-drinking

    The days of “pre-drinking”  (a.k.a. drinking more at home so we drink less at the bar) might be over, but the days of “pre-eating” are in full effect. The hungrier we are in situations like this, the less intelligent choices we make; we start thinking with our grumbling tummies instead of with our nutrition-savvy minds. Also when

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    There are two camps in the Great Kate Debate – those that know and love her as Kate Middleton and those who hate those who call her Kate Middleton. OK, there is a third camp, those who don’t really care.

    But many people do care (and passionately) and find it rude the media is still calling her Kate. After all, Kate Middleton has not actually been Kate Middleton for years. Even though she got married to Prince William (whose official royal title is HRH The Duke of Cambridge) more than four years ago many people still call her by her maiden name.

    When it comes to the media, the reason news outlets (especially online) often still refer to her as Kate Middleton is simple: SEO. A quick Google search reveals about 37 million hits for "The Duchess of Cambridge," but 61 million hits for "Kate Middleton." It's cause and effect -- people search for Kate Middleton, so writers make sure to surface that key term.

    So is it really that bad to call her Kate Middleton?

    For the record, her official

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