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    Sunday is Mother’s Day, which means it’s time to pay tribute to the mom in your life. And while we know motherhood is extremely rewarding – we also know it comes with its own unique set of challenges.

    For Mother’s Day, we wanted to recognize the it’s not always easy – so we asked our readers: What’s the hardest part about being a mom?

    Here’s what they had to say:

    "The worry about your kids is probably the worst part of motherhood. And each stage of a kid's life brings a whole other set of worries. From wondering if they are being bullied at school, or if they are OK in the playground, if they are getting into trouble, if they will ever get past the horribleness of adolescence, etc. But when I doubt my skills as a mother, which is often, I then look at it from another angle and think: they may not be good at everything, but they are good people. I look at my kids as adults now, and although they are not perfect, none of us are. In the words of the wisest mother I know (my mother in

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  • Courtesy Miriam 'Mim' d'Abbs/FacebookCourtesy Miriam 'Mim' d'Abbs/Facebook
    On Wednesday, Australian tattoo artist Mim d’Abbs posted a “very different” example of her work: tattoos that covered a woman’s scars following a double mastectomy.

    “My apologies to those that find this confrontational, but my client and I both thought it should be posted. This is a tattoo over reconstructive surgery, post a double mastectomy. Seeing my client smile, made this possibly the most important tattoo I've done to date,” d’Abbs wrote on Facebook.

    “I thank her for wanting to show people what can be done with art and skin, and for allowing me to do it.”

    The photos of the beautiful coverup tattoos went viral.

    “I’m absolutely gobsmacked, thoroughly gobsmacked, at the social media reaction,” d’Abbs, who has been a tattooist for 21 years, tells BuzzFeed News.

    "I've had a lot of requests to tattoo over scars on stomachs [but] that was the first time I've had a request to do a post-operative double mastectomy," she tells ABC Darwin.

    The entire process took only three and a half hours

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    No ice cream maker? No problem.

    After a few warm days earlier in the month, I officially declared it ice-cream season, regardless of dipping temperatures in the week or so that followed.

    And because I’m a fan of Michael Pollan’s simple food rule, “Eat anything you want, just cook it yourself,” I thought I’d apply it to ice cream.

    I don’t have an ice cream maker. Nor do I have the space to store one in my tiny kitchen. Undeterred, I found plenty of encouragement — and maker-less methods — online.

    To boost my ice-cream confidence, I first tried what sounded like the world’s easiest recipe: one-ingredient ice cream.

    All photos courtesy Nadine KalinauskasAll photos courtesy Nadine Kalinauskas
    I froze chunks of banana in the freezer, then blended them into creamy submission before popping them back in the freezer to harden again. No, there’s no “cream” in this method — does that make it sorbet? — but it’s tasty and refreshing. And healthy. And threatens to kill your food processor. Frozen bananas are hard!

    The one-ingredient ice cream, after blending.The one-ingredient ice cream, after blending.
    Recipe alteration: I blended half the batch with some 

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