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  • It is easy to be overwhelmed by all the post workout drinks available today. There are so many options to choose from, but which is the best to drink after your work out?

    As Emma Andrews, registered holistic nutritionist, certified plant-based culinary professional and national educator at Vega, explains: it varies depending on the type of exercise you're doing. 

    Why do you need a post-workout drink?

    How well you recover is one of the greatest determining factors of athletic success. Your nutrition post-workout is what helps accelerate your recovery, reduce inflammation and keep your immune system strong. Consider that your workout (no matter the intensity or duration) isn’t done until you’ve refueled.

    Having a recovery snack in a drinkable format like a smoothie, fresh pressed juice, or drink mix is easier to digest and absorb (no chewing required), and includes built-in hydration by being liquid based.

    In the summer heat, do you need to stay hydrated with anything more than water?

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  • A nasty case of “she said, they said” has broken out in England after a nursing mother claimed a clothing store security guard snatched her child out of her arms to make her stop breastfeeding.

    Caroline Starmer shared a post on July 13 in which she said she was at a Primark store in Leicester when she tried to breastfeed her 9 1/2-month old daughter. Starmer said within five minutes, a security guard told her to vacate the premises. When she refused, she said, the security guard physically took her baby.

    “I stood my ground and stated my rights, that I can legally feed where I want.. Just for the security officer to physically remove my daughter from my breast and walk down the store with her, saying if I wanted my daughter, then I was to come and get her.”

    Starmer said she retrieved her daughter and proceeded immediately to a local police station to register a complaint.

    The post drew immediate ourtrage and condemnation on the Facebook page of Free to Feed, a U.K. group that

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  • It only takes one look at Kim Kardashian to know that having a shapely derriere is in high demand among celebrities. But how do you get that much sought after silhouette without being rich and famous? It's not as hard as it seems.

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    Sandy Hanson, personal trainer at The Next Level Training in Vancouver, shared some of the top exercises to get an amazing butt.

    Squats - Start with your hips back. You should not be bending at the knees when you start this exercise. Keep your back straight and aligned, with a neutral spine. Try to keep your chest and shoulders up. Keep looking in front of you. As you squat down, think about keeping your knees in line with your feet. This way you will protect your knees while doing the exercise. Keep breathing on the way up and down.

    Lunges – With this exercise you also want to keep your knees aligned.Here is a great tip – if you can, try using a mirror to make sure that your knees are aligned, that you aren’t leaning too far back or forward. Your knees,

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