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  • Comedian's 'Pap Rap' makes pap smears trendy

    Comedian Nadia Kamil has done what no woman has done before -- she's made pap tests trendy.

    The U.K. writer and actress recently released her witty music video "Pap Rap," where she rhymes about the importance of women getting a pap smear.

    Many women put off getting the procedure due to the embarrassment of being checked down under, but Kamil has made it her mission to drive home the need for women to be screened for cervical cancer.

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    "Please excuse the misogynist language of hip-hop in order to promote women's health.... it's a balance, isn't it?" she raps before citing lyrics to the tune of Azealia Banks' song "212."

    In the viral video, Kamil entertains us with purple puppets, high-flying dancers and a comical scene at a fake doctor's office -- all the while reciting unnerving statistics about cervical cancer, suggesting that half of American women aren't getting pap smears because they don't want to fork over the cash.

    She also

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  • The right way to cook eggs

    (Thinkstock)Eggs have a superior nutritional profile and can easily be prepared in a variety of ways. However, as foolproof as cooking an egg might seem, many people still end up overcooking or undercooking this delicate eat. Which is why we’ve rounded up some expert tips for cooking perfect eggs every time, no matter how you like them.


    Adding liquid, such as milk or water, to your eggs before scrambling won’t give them a creamy texture, but could make them wet and overcooked according to the staff of Bon Appétit magazine’s test kitchen. Your best bet is to stir in some crème fraiche after they’re off the stove. This is not the case for dishes like quiche and frittatas, which can be cooked with liquids like milk or water mixed in.

    Bon Appétit experts also warn against using a fork to scramble the eggs, as this can cause them to become overbeaten. Instead, try using chopsticks the next time you want perfect texture. Egg Farmers of Canada recommends using moderate heat to prevent

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  • This chocolate toothpaste will set you back $100

    The luxury toothpaste uses a substance from the cacao plant to strengthen teeth naturally. (via Theodent)

    Don't tell the kids, but chocolate might actually be good for your teeth.

    American oral care company Theodent has created a luxury line of fluoride-free toothpastes made with a patented substance called Rennou, which is derived from the cacao plant -- the same plant used to make chocolate.

    But the delicious-tasting toothpaste doesn't come cheap -- its extra-strength version will set you back $100. A cheaper, regular-strength version costs $10, but is currently sold out online.

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    The product is also available at Whole Foods Market.

    Unlike traditional toothpastes that use fluoride to strengthen teeth, this cacao-derived paste is non-toxic and therefore safe if accidentally swallowed, the company boasts. In addition to the Rennou (its scientific name is theobromine), Theodent also contains calcium and phosphate to help build up the enamel on your teeth.

    While chocolate-flavoured toothpaste may indeed seem like a bizarre

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