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  • Usually when you vow to grow old with someone, you’re not offered a peek into their future — or a look at his/her future face.

    But that’s just the opportunity Cut, in collaboration with Field Day, offered one 20-something engaged couple.

    Tavis and KristieTavis and Kristie
    Makeup artists transformed Tavis and Kristie into their future selves in their 50s, 70s and 90s.

    The results were surprisingly moving. (Grab a tissue or two before watching the above video.)

    With each transformation, the couple tearfully reflected on the years and experiences they would have had together to get to that point.

    And with each transformation, Tavis appeared to be even more smitten with his aging future wife.

    The pair in their '50s'The pair in their '50s'
    “I hope you look like this [in your 50s]. You look fantastic,” he told her after the first makeover.

    The couple in their '70s'The couple in their '70s'
    “You look fantastic. You don’t look a day over 75,” he told her when she was in her 90s makeup, adding, “I think I look pretty darn good.”

    The couple in their '90s'The couple in their '90s'

    “Especially…being as we’re about to get married and embarking on all of that, it’s like, I

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  • Tampons, pads (Thinkstock)Tampons, pads (Thinkstock)

    Every single month Canadian women have to trek out to the store and buy tampons and/or pads. To add insult to injury during their menstruating years women also have to shell out federal tax for their feminine hygiene products.

    Many argue that menstrual products should not be subject to a tax, since they are essential goods, not luxury items. Over the past decade there have been several attempts to pass a private member's bill on the subject.

    But, women don’t have the luxury of waiting for things to change – when that time of the month comes Canadian females must pay for the essential goods, plus tax. Now, an increasing number of women are opting for alternatives to the dominant disposable tampons and pads found in mainstream stores across Canada.

    “Twenty years ago when (Lunapads) first started it was seen as pretty out there,” admits Christa Trueman of Vancouver-based Lunapads in a phone interview with Yahoo Canada News. “Slowly but  surely that’s changing.”

    Lunapads started in 1993

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  • McDonald’s recently celebrated its 75th anniversary. Over the past several decades since the first restaurant opened in California, there’s been a lot of ups (pizza!) and downs (when they took pizza off the menu). In honour, we rounded up 10 things you might not know about the fast food giant.

    You've got Canada to thank for the McFlurry

    Yes ,it's true. Our favourite ice cream treat has Canadian roots. The McFlurry, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, was created in the small coastal town of Bathurst, N.B. by franchisee Ron McLellan. Apparently McDonald's "fell in love with its creamy and crunchy taste" and added it to their regular menu.

    McDonald's started as a barbecue joint

    McDonald’s isn’t exactly known for their killer BBQ, but that’s how they got their start. In the 1930s, barbeque was huge across the south and western parts of the United States, so naturally when the McDonald brothers opened their restaurant, they had a smoke pit out the back. The original menu

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