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  • Washing your jeans is so last year.

    DL1961 Premium Denim's new Intelligent Denim line features Silvadur, a microbial control technology, that protects the denim from odour-causing bacteria.

    By fighting odour and bacteria, The Intelligent Denim line - part of the brand's Fall/Winter 2014 campaign - should require fewer washes than your standard pair of jeans.

    According to the official site:

    "Our Intelligent Denim® is powered by SILVADUR™ Intelligent Freshness which protects denim from odour causing bacteria that builds up on jeans when worn. Why is that important? Because the addition of SILVADUR means consumers can wash their denim less often with confidence. And, jeans will last longer too. Jeans made with SILVADUR are protected against unwanted bacteria that can lead to odour, discoloration, loss of tensile strength or elasticity."

    "Fewer washes is good news for jeans and good news for the planet. Think of the water and energy saved over the life of the jeans!"

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  • How often should you replace your pillow?

    Are you replacing your pillow frequently enough? (Thinkstock)Are you replacing your pillow frequently enough? (Thinkstock)A hot-button issue, it used to be experts suggested replacing your pillow every couple of years, but Robert Oexman, DC, director of the Sleep to Live Institute says you should be getting a new one every six months.

    "People talk about how nasty a mattress gets," he says, noting that people often forget about where they lay their heads night after night.

    GoodHousekeeping advises that if the filling is clumped or you’re constantly fluffing your pillow, it’s likely time to shell out for a replacement.

    Another tell-tale sign it’s time for a replacement is if you’re waking up with neck pain. This is likely a sign your pillow is no longer giving your head the support it needs.

    Just like your mattress, pillows are a prime hiding spot for allergy-inducing dust mites. Using a pillow protector will help increase the life of your pillow while keeping you healthy. If it has a smell or discolouration that washing can’t remove, your pillow has probably seen its last day.

    There are several things to

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  • Earlier this year, Always released its #LikeAGirl ad campaign to help break down the negative stereotypes associated with doing something ‘like a girl’ and to help boost young girls’s confidence in themselves and their abilities.

    The video immediately received a flurry of applause for the positive message it sent and praise for reclaiming the phrase as a message of empowerment.

    One of the young women in the video is Emily Papsin, a 19-year-old student from Toronto, Ont. who is featured between 1:57 and 2:36.

    Yahoo Canada Shine recently chatted with Papsin to get her take on what it means to do things ‘like a girl’ and where she gets her inspirational self-confidence from.

    Yahoo: How did you become involved in the campaign?

    Emily: I got the chance to be involved with the campaign entirely by accident. I happened to be with my family in Los Angeles and my aunt, who was friends with the casting director, was called by the director who asked if maybe she wanted to bring her kids in for

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