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  • Oct. 20 marks the start of another World MasterCard Fashion Week,  and we’re pretty excited to see what our favourite Canadian designers have in store for the spring/summer 2015 season. And yes, we realize how absurd it is to be discussing summer fashion when we haven’t even broken out our parkas. But to be fair, fashion has always been the unruly sister, not always logical or practical.

    For the up-and-coming designers, their inaugural show at WMFW will mark a huge milestone in their design careers. We’re going to have our eyes glued to both established and fledging designers that show enormous promise.

    We invite you to do the same with these five Canadian designers who have managed to steal a piece of our sartorial hearts.

    Pink Tartan

    Pink Tartan Fall/Winter 2014 (Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images for IMG)Pink Tartan Fall/Winter 2014 (Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images for IMG)
    Joe Mimran (Joe Fresh)’s better half, Kimberley Newport Mimran is the creative force behind Pink Tartan. The brand has garnered international attention and we’re not the least bit surprised to see how high it has risen. Newport’s designs are classic

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  • How to pair candy and wine this Halloween

    If you expect to “borrow” from your kids’ candy stash this Halloween — or you’re planning an adults-only costume party — we’ve got just the news for you: how to pair candy with wine. 

    The Candy & Wine Matchmaker" by Vivino — otherwise known as the "Halloween survival guide for adults" — lists popular trick-or-treat loot items with the wines best suited to them. 

    via Vivinovia Vivino

    Binging on Tootsie Rolls? Sip on a dessert wine, like port, sherry or ice wine.

    Can’t get enough M&M’s? A medium or bold red pairs perfectly. 

    And stick to dry or sweet white wines if you’re stealing all the Skittles from the candy pile. 

    A Hershey’s chocolate bar appears to pair with just about anything — rich whites, sweet whites, light reds and medium reds — so if you’re having a wine and candy party at the end of the month, be sure to have plenty of those on hand. 

    Of course, the chart works in reverse, too. Pick the wine you’re drinking and it will lead you to the candy you’re missing out on. 

    If you’re toasting with

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  • It’s probably not something you’d talk about except with your closest girlfriends, but one in three women from the ages of 18-75 has a sensitive bladder – a condition in which the bladder doesn’t function properly, leading to urinary incontinence.

    “There are different reasons why women might have urinary incontinence,” says Dr. Marla Shapiro, MDCM CCFP MHSc FRCP(C), Family Physician. “Among issues with bladder control is an overactive bladder which is called urge incontinence. This means that there is an urgency to urinate without adequate time to get to the washroom, or there may be the urge to urinate too often. Another kind of so-called sensitive bladder is stress incontinence. This is a bladder leak that happens with coughing or sneezing. It can happen with exercise or even having a good laugh.”

    While urge and stress incontinence are the most common types, she notes that when both occur together, it is known as mixed incontinence.

    One in three women has a sensitive bladder. (Thinkstock)One in three women has a sensitive bladder. (Thinkstock)

    To help your doctor with diagnosing any bladder

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