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  • Our best memories are formed before age 25

    New research has found that most of our best memories occur before the age of 25. (Thinkstock)Life doesn't start until you're 30, right?

    Well, maybe not. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but according to new research the majority of our most important memories are made by the time we are 25.

    Researchers at the University of New Hampshire came to this conclusion by exploring a recognized psychological phenomenon called the "reminiscence bump." The "reminiscence bump" is when elderly people consistently recall the most important memories of their lives as occurring between ages 15-30.

    "Many studies have consistently found that when adults are asked to think about their lives and report memories, remembered events occurring between the ages of 15 to 30 are over-represented," explains lead researcher Kristina Steiner. "I wanted to know why this might be. Why don't adults report more memories from the ages of 30 to 70? What is it about the ages of 15 to 30 that make them so much more memorable?"

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    The study

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  • Girl Scout sells cookies outside of a cannabis clinic

    The story of a 13-year-old Girl Scout who sold cookies outside a medical marijuana clinic in San Francisco this week is raising some interesting questions.

    According to Mashable, Danielle Lei sold 117 boxes of Dulce de Leches and Tagalong Girl Scout cookies while camped outside The Green Cross for two hours on Monday.

    Her mother, Carol Lei, says they sold 37 additional boxes than when the pair set up outside Safeway during the same two-hour period the next day.

    Since marijuana is known to increase appetite, selling cookies outside a cannabis clinic seems like a smart business venture.

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    "They get very hungry after," Danielle eloquently explains to Legalization Nation.

    Carol says her other teen daughter has also sold cookies outside cannabis clinics. She uses the opportunity to teach her daughters about the types of people who use medical marijuana.

    "They learn that they are not drugged out," says Carol. "Many have serious needs, and are

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  • Chris Price and his wife on their wedding day (Photo courtesy Wales News Service)When Chris Price learned he didn't have long to live, he didn't set out to check off items on his own bucket list. Instead, he decided to make all his girlfriend's dreams come true.

    Chris, 26, from South Wales, proposed to his girlfriend, Ceri, 29, shortly after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He had just six months to live.

    In the short time he had left, he vowed to give the "love of his life" everything she ever wanted.

    "It was as if Chris wanted to spend his last days making me as happy as he could," Ceri tells Wales New Service. "We did such a lot in those last six months. He was so positive he never talked about dying, he just wanted to see me and the children happy in the time he had left."

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    Chris and Ceri wed in front of family and friends last August, with Ceri's four children — nine-year-old Halle and six-year-old triplets Evan, Morgan and Georgia — as the guests of honour.

    Not long after, Chris

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