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  • You don't have to start resentfully cramming your summer wardrobe into plastic storage bins just yet. We too feel the cringe-worthy signs of fall, but that hardly means you stop wearing your favourite summer pieces.

    Fashion can be a pricey endeavour, so we encourage squeezing every last drop out of an item you spent your hard-earned money on. I didn’t slave over that Excel spreadsheet to wear my DVF skirt for just two months, people!

    Maximize your wardrobe like a true fashionista with these summer-to-fall layering tips.   


    Photo courtesy The Golden DivinePhoto courtesy The Golden Divine

    Your favourite summer shorts are perfectly suitable for fall if you layer an appropriate pair of tights underneath. Accessorize with ankle booties to complete your cold-weather look.


    Photo courtesy Leandra Medine/The Man RepellerPhoto courtesy Leandra Medine/The Man Repeller

    Depending on the silhouette, a skirt over pants is a thing this season, at least as per Harper’s Bazaar. A risky look, but one that can pay off if you can pull it off.


    Photo courtesy Jacey Duprie/Damsel in DiorPhoto courtesy Jacey Duprie/Damsel in Dior

    Never pack away your tees for winter. T-shirts are probably the most versatile items in your

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  • If there’s one fashion staple that remains relevant no matter the season, it’s a great pair of jeans. It’s the one sure thing you know you’ll wear the bejeezus out of.  

    Every season, denim gives us a little something new. It’s the old classic that reinvents itself more often than Madonna — and this fall is no exception. But navigating through the numerous racks of denim at your favourite store can be a challenge, so we enlisted the help of Jason Trotzuk, Fidelity Denim’s founder and creative director, to tell us what trends we should be looking out for as temperatures start to dip. 

    The “girlfriend jean”

    What’s this? A “girlfriend jean”?

    Trotzuk points out a best-selling denim trend we haven’t heard much about, likely due to its attention-seeking counterpart, the boyfriend jean, monopolizing the spotlight. 

    The Axl Girlfriend jean. (Courtesy Fidelity)The Axl Girlfriend jean. (Courtesy Fidelity)
    “This fall, we’re huge into the casual pant,” Trotzuk says. “Our Axl jean — the girlfriend jean — is still a big deal, and still continues to be a fan favourite.”

    Fidelity’s online

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  • If your cold-avoidance strategy this fall is simply staying away from sniffling coworkers, you might want to add a little disinfectant to your game plan.

    According to a new study, presented at an American Society for Microbiology meeting in Washington, D.C., it only takes a few hours for germs to spread though workplaces. 

    Researchers spread MS-2, a rarely seen virus that doesn’t infect people, as a model for similar noroviruses and the flu and watched it spread “like crazy” through two office spaces of different sizes. 

    A new study found it only takes a few hours for germs to spread though work places. (Thinkstock)A new study found it only takes a few hours for germs to spread though work places. (Thinkstock)

    The spread of viruses isn’t fully to blame on coughs and sneezes. The biggest culprit of viral contamination: hands

    People leave germs on common items like tables, coffee pots and doorknobs. When others touch those, they pick up the germs and spread them elsewhere. 

    “Every time you are touching these surfaces, you are picking up 30 to 50 per cent of the organisms that are on those surfaces,” Gerba told infectious disease experts at the meeting. 

    And it’s almost

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