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  • During the cold winter months, the blanket scarf is one of the most versatile accessories to have in your wardrobe.

    It might be labelled a scarf, but it’s so much more than just a neck warmer. The blanket scarf can be tied, draped, belted and rolled up to serve many sartorial purposes.

    Here are just a few ways to play with your blanket scarf to achieve a multitude of looks.

    The Bird’s Nest

    Step 1: Fold your scarf diagonally in half so it forms a triangle.

    Step 2: Drape it around your neck so the triangle faces your front, then wrap the two ends around your neck with the ends ending up at the front again to achieve a bird’s nest appearance. It should look somewhat messy.

    The Knot

    Step 1: Again, fold the scarf in half so it forms a triangle.

    Step 2: This time, start rolling the scarf from the base of the triangle to the tip.

    Step 3: Now wrap the rolled scarf around your neck so that you end up with the two ends on either side of your neck.


    Step 4: Tie a little knot with the ends to

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  • Secrets for the perfect gravy

    For many people, one of the best parts of the holiday season has to be all the food that comes with the endless parties and get-togethers, not to mention the big meal itself. And next to stuffing, gravy has got to be the best part of Christmas dinner, in our humble opinion. Not only does it elevate every item it touches on your plate, it can save even the driest main dish or make the blandest side more palatable.

    Given how essential good gravy is to a holiday meal, we went to celebrity chef, television personality and magazine publisher Ricardo Larrivée to get the low-down on how to make the best gravy for your holiday celebration.

    Gravy is essential for a turkey dinner. (Thinkstock)Gravy is essential for a turkey dinner. (Thinkstock)

    There are several styles of gravy, from thin jus to a thick sauce, and depending on your family background you’ll likely have a preference for what style you’ll prefer.

    “Gravy can go from a jus where you’re just recuperating everything from the bottom of the pan and you can strain it,” says Larrivée, “Or you can make gravy that you have to thicken.”


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  • Between family dinners, parties and New Year’s Eve celebrations, we know that the holidays are a busy time -- and we also know that picking an outfit for the numerous events you have to attend can be a nightmare.

    Enter the little black dress. This classic item that you probably already have in your wardrobe is perfect for the holidays, because it's so easy to wear and can be dressed up or down for pretty much any occasion.

    To prove that the LBD is just as appropriate for a your work party as it is for a girls' night out, we’ve rounded up five different ways to wear one simple black dress throughout the holidays. We chose a flattering Gap fit-and-flare number with a demure rounded neckline and a pleated skirt, but you can alter your dress choice according to your taste and body type.

    The event: Date night


    The look: Show off your sultry side with a pretty necklace, unique earrings, a cheeky clutch and a pair of glamorous shoes. You’ll have your significant other swooning! Top things off

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