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  • It’s finally citrus season again. To celebrate, Sunkist has released a series of helpful citrus-hack videos: creative, time-saving ways to peel and prepare citrus fruits. 

    Watch them all above. 

    Those cute grapefruit bowls would be perfect for a holiday brunch.

    Sunkist advertising and public relations manager Joan Wickham also shared her top citrus tips with Shine On readers. 

    How to buy citrus:

    “Unlike some fruit, like stone fruit or bananas, for example, oranges are actually what’s called a non-climacteric fruit, which means they don’t ripen after they’ve been harvested. So our growers actually handpick every piece of fruit to make sure it’s ripe,” Wickham tells us. 

    “But in terms of what you should look for at the store, you should look for fruit that’s firm and heavy for its size and also with a bright, colourful skin. You want to avoid fruit that’s bruised or wrinkled or looks kind of discoloured. Because that will indicate that it might be old or it maybe hasn’t been stored

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  • Day 20-something of Movember (formerly November) means a lot of money has been raised in the name of men’s health issues.

    Day 20-something of Movember also means that a lot of girlfriends, wives and women in general are getting a little anxious for those scratchy nose warmers to come off. And not because we don’t love fighting the good fight against prostate cancer — but because they give our faces rug burn.

    Since we have a few days left to endure those little nose beasts, we thought we’d provide a tutorial on how to tame them. We enlisted the help of men’s grooming expert and celebrity makeup artist Sophie Hsin to teach us how to take your mo’ from creeper ‘stache to dapper gentlemen.

    Step 1: Collect your moustache taming tools

    Step 2: Trim the mo’

    Comb down any hairs that are unruly and trim just along the upper lip line to ensure an even line.

    Step 3: Shave


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  • It may only be the middle of November, but with piles of snow and frigid temperatures hitting a good part of the country, it already feels like we’re well into winter (say it isn’t so!). And while we’re still de-thawing from last year’s Polar Vortex (so…much…cold), there’s one thing that makes plummeting temperatures a little bit exciting – a wardrobe change.

    Cold weather calls for all our cozy favourites: a warm pair of camp socks, fleece-lined tights, a cuddly scarf and of course, a comfy coat. And while current designs mean we no longer have to sacrifice style for warmth, finding a quality winter coat that stands the test of time can still be a daunting task.

    That’s where Marissa Freed comes in. As the president and CEO of FREED, a heritage brand of the iconic Winnipeg-based garment manufacturer Freed & Freed International Ltd., her knowledge of outerwear is extensive.

    While FREED recently launched their first retail collection, they’ve been major players in the outerwear industry

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