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  • Kathryn (born 1957) (Courtesy Christine McConnell)Kathryn (born 1957) (Courtesy Christine McConnell)
    Los Angeles-based artist Christine H. McConnell dug into the archives to achieve this stunning project in which she recreated several family photos dating back nearly 200 years.

    It all started about two years ago when an old driver’s license belonging to McConnell’s mom tumbled out of a drawer.

    Mildred (born 1928) (Courtesy Christine McConnell)Mildred (born 1928) (Courtesy Christine McConnell)
    “I found myself looking at it upside down,” the 33-year-old artist tells Yahoo Canada. “Seeing it flipped kind of gave me a new perspective on her appearance, and I realized we had a nearly identical bone structure."

    “A year later my Mother gave me a red dress she had held onto for 25 years. When I tried it on and saw that it fit, the idea occurred to me,” she continues. “My objective was to see just how similar we looked if I replicated as much as I could. The result surprised me so much, it inspired me to look further into past generations to see how much gets passed down.”

    Attie Mae (born 1898) (Courtesy Christine McConnell)Attie Mae (born 1898) (Courtesy Christine McConnell)
    So, McConnell set out to recreate five vintage portraits of women in her family (plus one of herself and an adorable one

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  • ThinkstockThinkstock
    If you haven’t determined what your resolution will be when the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 1, here’s one to consider: Improve your style.

    It’s as legitimate a resolution as being more organized or learning a new skill. Even a few small upgrades in your wardrobe or tweaks to your everyday style can add a little spring to your step and change the way people perceive you.

    If refining your style is on your to-do list for 2015, these tips and tricks will help make it a reality.

    1.     Press or steam clothes before going out

    You may think it’s fine to go to work in a shirt you slept on top of last night, but it’s more unbecoming than you realize. In 2015, resolve to press or steam your clothing before going out. This minor task will make you appear pulled together and polished.

    2.     Try new silhouettes

    Clothing won’t always look appealing on the hanger, but if you don’t try it, you’ll never know. In the New Year, resolve to experiment with new silhouettes. If you’re a pencil skirt kind

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  • 2015 food trends to be on the lookout for

    What’s going to be big in food for 2015? Everyone is weighing in. 

    Here’s our take on the hottest food trends we expect to see in 2015. 

    1. Bone broth.

    Healing bone broth is easy to make yourself. (Thinkstock)Healing bone broth is easy to make yourself. (Thinkstock)

    This winter’s “miracle drink” isn’t going anywhere. Experts expect this nutrient-dense — and paleo-friendly, for those unwilling to let go of one of the biggest diet trends of 2014ancient health remedy will continue being at hit in the new year. 

    Make your own sipping bone broth using this recipe.

    2. Cauliflower.

    Cauliflower is set to become the new kale. (Thinkstock)Cauliflower is set to become the new kale. (Thinkstock)

    Already growing in popularity on restaurant menus around North America, we expect to be ordering more cauliflower steaks, roasted cauliflower and cauliflower soups in the coming year. 

    It’s being called “the new kale.” We’re just hoping it doesn’t take off as a baby name, too.

    3. Ugly root veggies.

    Give ugly root veggies a chance in 2015. (Thinkstock)Give ugly root veggies a chance in 2015. (Thinkstock)

    “In line with growing concerns over food waste, this French-born trend gives misshapen and funny-looking produce a place at the table and in recipes where looks don’t matter,” says the Sterling-Rice Group.

    Veggies don’t have to

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