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  • CNE foods 2014: What you need to try

    The beginning of the end of summer is upon us as the 136th annual Canadian National Exhibition kicks off on August 15.

    Part of the charms of the CNE is its ample offering of indulgent foods and outrageous culinary creations – and this year does not disappoint.

    Food venders at this year’s CNE have incorporated several of the year’s food trends into their dishes, including coconut oil and sriracha. We were able to preview some of these items ahead of the Ex’s opening. Here’s what you need to try:

    The Elvis Grilled CheeseThe Elvis Grilled Cheese

    Elvis’ Grilled Cheese

    This truly is The King of all grilled cheese sandwiches! Peanut butter, banana, bacon and cheese all perfectly melted between two slices of Texas-style toast. Forget hitting the hot dog cart on your way home from the bar/concert – there needs to be one of these stands on every street corner. We’d eat this sandwich from Coffee Zone for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    The CrowbarThe Crowbar


    Picking up on the popularity of the Cronut and trend of desserts baked within other desserts, the

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  • Indian photographer Rahul Saharan's latest photo series, "Shoot for beauty," is getting a lot of attention this week.

    The viral series celebrates the beauty and strength of Rupa, Laxmi, Ritu, Sonam, and Chanchal — all acid-attack survivors — who model gorgeous saris and dresses in the photographs.

    (via Facebook)(via Facebook)

    Saharan, 24, uploaded the photos to Facebook with the following description:

    "In spite of taking professional models we took these [beautiful] girls as models [because] they define beauty, courage, postiveness, [SIC] there is so much to beauty and these girls are strong enough to show that these girls love to get photographed i mean they are jst crazy for it v happy to work for dem wid dem :)."

    (via Facebook)(via Facebook)

    He continues:

    "I dedicate this shoot to every women on earth..all of you are [beautiful] from skinny to healthy, dark to fair, tall to short, ebony to porcelain-skinned; the quirky, clumsy, shy, outgoing and all in between so ladies live ur life stay happy no matter who say what you are beautiful

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  • Depression is not something you need to go through alone. (Thinkstock)Depression is not something you need to go through alone. (Thinkstock)Depression, suicide and mental health are making headlines following the death of Robin Williams on Monday.

    We here at Yahoo Canada know that depression is a serious illness, not just something those afflicted can "snap out of" or "get over." On average, 10 Canadians will die every single day by their own hand, and an alarming number of them are youth.

    As someone who's survived multiple attempts to take my own life, I get it. Sometimes the weight of this world is just too much to bear. Sometimes you simply cannot hold on another day, hour or minute. Sometimes, you just want the world to stop. Mental illness is a cruel, relentless beast constantly beating at those who have been strong for longer than they can take.

    There have been many people sharing their stories of personal struggle with depression and suicide in the wake of Williams' death, including ex-NHLer and Canadian Theo Fleury.

    We want to break down the stigma those dealing with mental health issues face. Part of that is

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