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  • While not as extravagant as some celebrity gift bags, this year’s TIFF swag bags celebrate luxe for less and feature some big name Canadian brands.

    The IT Lounge Portrait Studio, hosted by NKPR, has become known as the go-to destination for celebrities in town for TIFF to relax and unwind. Now in its ninth year, the IT Lounge isn’t just about swanky gifts, they also supports good causes – this year they’re raising money for Artists for Peace and Justice, and Best Buddies for every celebrity visit.

    But if you’re solely focused on what goodies the celebs are snagging, here’s what’s in their highly-coveted TIFF gift bags (valued at $625) for 2014:

    Rudsak “Luciello” Bag - $325

    Simple meets elegance with this compact weekender bag from Rudsak, founded in Montreal in 1994. Its genuine leather shell is contrasted with raw edge leather fixed handles and a removable shoulder strap, making it durable for the escapades to come.

    Rudsak “Luciello” BagRudsak “Luciello” Bag

    Christian Rex Bracelet - $125

    Christian Rex is a jewelry line from

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  • Behind the glitz and the glam of the red carpet premieres and exclusive parties, a team of people is hard at work making sure things go off without a hitch and at the highest of standards.

    Nick Di Donato, president and CEO of Liberty Entertainment Group is no stranger to fulfilling the requests of some of Hollywood’s heavyweights – his company operates several of the festival’s hot spots including Cibo, Spice Route and Casa Loma. He spoke to us ahead of the festival to share what it really takes to pull off an A-list event, and share some juicy details about some big name celebs.

    One of Liberty Entertainment Group's past TIFF events.One of Liberty Entertainment Group's past TIFF events.

    What goes into planning a high-profile events for A-list celebs?

    There is a tremendous amount of planning and preparation that goes into hosting an event for A-List celebrities. One of the biggest parts of the planning is the security and ensuring privacy for the A-List celebrity. It is very important that we determine how to give them their privacy within an event environment. The more they feel comfortable

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  • If you have yet to find a hangover cure that works for you, why not try an ancient one?

    Iraqi scholar Nawal Nasrallah translated the 1,000-year-old recipe for Ibn Sayyar al-Warraq’s “ultimate hangover cure,” an Iraqi stew, in her book, Annals of the Caliphs’ Kitchens.

    “There were things you take before, things you take while you are drinking, and of course after when you wake up in the morning,” Nasrallah tells ABC News of the advice found in al-Warraq’s 10th century Baghdadi cookbook, the earliest known compilation of Arabic recipes. 

    “For example, cabbage before drinking will slow down intoxication. They also encouraged having mezze [appetizers] and alternating between having them and drinking. Take a sip and have, for example, roasted nuts.”

    For hungover individuals, al-Warraq recommended drinking cold water first thing in the morning — in several small doses between deep breaths.

    Then comes the magical hangover cure: kishkiyya, a meat and chickpea stew.

    Could the cure to your hangover lie in a 1,000-year-old recipe? (Thinkstock)Could the cure to your hangover lie in a 1,000-year-old recipe? (Thinkstock)

    Find the translated recipe

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